GOP Consulting Firm In Annapolis Maryland Raided By FBI

On Thursday, the FBI raided the GOP consulting firm in Annapolis in correlation with an ongoing investigation into the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial campaign. Republicans responded to the incident, saying they would no longer do business with the firm.

President of the Strategic Campaign Group, Kelley Rogers, said at 8:30 a.m. six FBI agents appeared with a search warrant in-hand at his office at 191 Main Street. The raid was confirmed by the agency, but officials declined to elaborate further.Republican Ken Cuccinelli’s campaign filed a lawsuit against the Strategic Campaign Group after he lost to Terry McAuliffe. Rogers says the FBI investigation is apparently linked to allegations in that specific lawsuit that has since been settled.

The firm has a history of raising money for candidates without their approval.

Rogers denied any wrong doings and said the investigation did not involve Maryland politics.

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