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Get AVG Cleaner Pro 4.22.1 (Unlocked)

It is one of the Best Downloader for MOD APK files that includes various kinds of Mod games & apps for Android. As an Android user, you cannot afford to have trash files on your smartphone. However, you often end up having most of your space occupied with trash, particularly due to the usage of third-party developers installed on your devices. It does not only affect the internal storage of the phone, but at the same time, it makes your phone extremely slower, thereby annoying you as you operate it! 

If you are dealing with a slow phone, so much so, that you will have to pause and wait for the app to take its turn, it’s high time that you go for deleting some of the files, and free some space for new installments. However, this is when you know the apps that and files that are eating away all your space. This isn’t the usual scenario with everyone though! In case you are just a normal user and has got no idea about which files to delete, and where to spot them, things might seem to be really difficult for you! 

Well, with AVG cleaner pro, you can clean up the unwanted junks on your system quite easily. It is an amazing application and works really great. It is also capable of helping you get rid of the residues on your system. Operating this app is super easy and you would just need to do a single tap and it will clean away all your trash files in just no time, thus, giving you a brand-new phone! 

What does AVG Cleaner Pro do?

AVG Cleaner Pro functions pretty similar to any other mobile cleaner apps. It scans all the junk files on your system and then deletes them in just a single tap of yours! The main advantage of this application is that it allows you to get through this process really quick and assures you of an effective cleaning at the same time. 

The app scans all the important files all over again to ensure that there is nothing left after all the trash files are deleted. This app will even help you scan all the large files that consume a lot of storage space. It will notify you about those files as well, so that you can decide to delete them in case you want! 

AVG Cleaner Pro enables you to explore your phone at ease, thereby making your cleaning process more effective and convenient than it ever was!  

Requirements of AVG Cleaner Pro

  1. AVG Cleaner apk Pro is available for almost all devices. The best thing about this app is that you do not need to bother about rooting your phone to clean and utilize the features that it comes along with! Therefore, you will not be asked for any rooting, and you would not have to encounter any trouble as such either!
  2. The app comes with some really exciting features. So, you need to decide whether or not those features are useful to you. 
  3. It is absolutely easy to use. It comes with several useful and effective features that work best both for the experienced users as well as for the newbies. A single tap and all your files will be scanned and the junks will be deleted in just no time. Hence, it allows you to access some of the cool features and customizations. 
  4. It removes all the installed apps on your devices. You will find AVG Cleaner Pro easily manageable. The app allows you to swipe your phone completely and help you detect all the apps in your system. Hence, it will get an overview of all the installed, and uninstalled apps. Also, it will note the apk files that aren’t installed yet! 
  5. Just a single click, and you can easily remove the apps from your system. You may also choose to restore the uninstalled apps of your choice. If you haven’t deleted any data permanently, you can still restore the apps at ease. 
  6. The AVG Cleaner Pro optimizes your storage space. It helps you get rid of all the scrap files on your system. Moreover, you do not even need much time to delete those files, just a matter of a few seconds and it would be done! Besides, it comes with a simple user interface, thereby making it easier for you to access the options. 
  7. There are tons of cleaning options such as uninstalling the apps, removing the old files, source the hidden files, and detect the larger files. After you have cleaned the phone storage nicely, you will get a fresh new device altogether!
  8. It comes with a useful photo analyzer option which allows you to scan for the bad quality images, duplicate files and the blurred pictures. Therefore, identifying those files will help you choose the ones that are to be deleted without much additional effort. If you are one of those who use the phone to take pictures, it is quite obvious that you will end up with tons of unwanted and duplicated images that have occupied the unnecessary space of your storage for just nothing! 
  9. With the AVG Cleaner Pro, you can easily soft them out and have your photo gallery easily optimized. Therefore, deleting those files and making your free space available on the system becomes easy! 
  10. It uses your phone’s performance. If you have too many apps installed in your device, there could be a significant dip of performance sometime or the other. It can be quite annoying as well; for they would not only consume space in your storage but at the same time, will also slow down your phone. The AVG Cleaner Pro offers the best solution to you in this case. With this apk, you can just choose to freeze or hibernate these apps on your system. This makes sure that those apps aren’t consuming your phone’s resources any longer. As a result, your phone becomes quite faster in functionality. 
  11. It improves the battery life of your device as a whole. As you hibernate the apps, you can also save the system resources and data. It also improves a significant amount of battery life. Hence, this app will make sure that your phone last longer. Besides, it comes with its own proprietary charging options that helps increase the total battery capacity at ease. 
  12. This app is available to the users for free. This means that you can easily install it on your devices without having to bother yourself about paying anything. 
  13. In case you are looking for a provision to access the hidden features, then the newest mods of this app are here to help you out! Simply download the AVG Cleaner Pro Apk file and install it in your device. Once done, you will have a full control of the device you are using. 
  14. It helps in managing your system files at ease. With a file manager built inside the app, it becomes even more convenient for you to locate the files in your system. You do not need to install a new file manager app all over again. This app is going to serve your purpose without any trouble. All you need is to locate the larger files, and as you do so, just hit the ‘Scan’ option. You may even use the built-in manager to access the files and delete the ones you don’t need. 


While the AVG Cleaner Pro free version comes with some ads and junk files that won’t get deleted even when you are cleaning your phone. However, if that annoys you much, you can easily install the hacked version of the app.

AVG Cleaner Pro latest 4.22.1 Android APK

AVG Cleaner Pro is an important application for the Android users. Just a couple of minutes, and all your unwanted files in the system will be sorted out and deleted. It also helps you manage the system apps at ease. With this application, it becomes easier for you to get a more powerful phone. 

PRO features Unlocked

  1. Ads Removed in this version which means that you no longer need to bother yourself about getting interrupted for just nothing. You will not have to get annoyed with those ads anymore that pops up in between for just no reason. 
  2. Promo Apps disabled in this feature, which gives you a super smooth interface at the time of the usage without you having to bother about any kind of intervention. 
  3. Analytics disabled. It is certainly another added benefit that comes along with the AVG Cleaner Pro. 
  4. All ads and service calls from the Activity are removed to make sure that you are able to have a better user experience. 
  5. Graphics optimized by Zipalign. This is yet another added advantage of this application. It is super cool and anyone would love to have it!

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