Genova Products Closing Facilities In Indianapolis And Fort Wayne Indiana

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development received two WARNs on January 31, 2020, from Genova Products. The notice alerted of two layoffs that would impact a total of 204 workers and the closing of two facilities located at 9501 Airport Drive Fort Wayne, Indiana and 1100 E. Elm Street Rensselaer, Indiana.

Business Closing

The closings of both facilities and layoffs were expected to begin on January 28, 2020, running through February 10, 2020. The company claims to be facing “various economic challenges”, which has contributed to the closings and layoffs.

After unsuccessful attempts in locating a new partner, Genova has decided to cease all operations at both of its Indiana-based plants.

The impacted workers do not have bumping rights, according to the WARNs.

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