Gatlopp: Hell of a Game Jumanji style comedy

Gatlopp Hell of a Game

Got your attention? Well, that’s what Gatlopp does with its unique storyline and creepy characters. This gory, hilarious horror comedy is sure to get the adrenaline rush you need for that hectic week ahead.

“Four drunken friends awake Christmas morning to find that they have all committed suicide. The four must escape the realm of the dead. And get back to their loved ones who are grieving for them.” “Gatlopp: Hell of a Game” is an upcoming horror comedy film directed by Kyle Soller.

The film began production in 2017 and is currently in post-production. Directed by Alberto Belli. The film is inspired by the true life story of Alberto Belli, a quadriplegic who surprised his friends with a wheelchair friendly version of an escape room game. It is currently in production and is planned for release in 2018. “The main characters are all quadriplegics and they have had enough of their lives. Thus, they decide that suicide would be the best option.

What is the Release date of Gatlopp: Hell of a Game?

Gatlopp: Hell of a Game is set to release on 16 June.
“Four drunken friends awaken Christmas morning to find that they have all committed suicide. The four must escape the realm of the dead and get back to their loved ones who are grieving for them.”

In order to get back to their loved ones, the four must win the game of Gatlopp, a supernatural version of golf played amongst drunk people with clubs made from human bones. They must also avoid being murdered by the zombies and other terrible creatures they encounter on the way.

Who is the cast in Gatlopp: Hell of a Game?

Emmy Raver, Jon Bass, James Buckley, and Shelley Hennig are the first four stars to be announced. A tweet by IMDbPro revealed the cast list.
Jon Bass – Cliff Quade, Emmy Raver – Sam, Shelley Hennig – Alice
The film also stars Jon Bass’ real life brother Nicholas Bass as the character Jason.

The film follows four individual stories in which one or group of characters in a specific order must complete the tasks set by Mr. Gatlopp and his minions to win the game. There are four different scenarios depending on what order your characters complete these tasks in. Many items are hidden to help you solve puzzles and advance through obstacles.

What will happen in Gatlopp: Hell of a Game?

In each of the four scenarios, your characters have to conquer the obstacles given in order to get through the next story and back to the beginning. The first scenario is called “Wake Up Dead”, the second “Hell of a Game”, and so on. The four scenarios are very different from each other. In one of these scenarios, your characters will find themselves in a 1950’s horror movie.
There are different types of death traps that can kill you or have your character stuck there forever.

Some of them are voodoo zombies, a martial arts kick-boxing biker, ghosts that teleport, and a swamp where you can find not only the monster to the left but also a bar that serves alcoholic drinks.

What are the ratings of Gatlopp: Hell of a Game?

The movie was rated as R (restricted) by the MPAA, MA (mature audiences) by the ESRB, and 18+ by the BBFC.

Jon Bass, Shelley Hennig, James Buckley, and Nicholas Bass will star in the film with more cast members to be announced soon. Gatlopp: Hell of a Game is located in the shoot for Gary, Indiana. There are many different tribes of zombies in Gatlopp: Hell of a game. The first tribe you’ll encounter is the tribal tiki-looking zombies that live in the jungle, who act as guardians to the shrine.

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