Fully, An Online Furniture Company, Opens In Baltimore County


Fully, a seller of standing desks opened its first Maryland-based showroom this week. The company, based in Portland, Oregon is striving to push its products into other markets, so they will be accessible to more consumers.

The new 100,000-square-foot distribution center and showroom opened in Nottingham on Franklin Square Drive in December. According to the director of marketing, Ben Oh, the firm employs about eight people full-time at the new location. The firm employs about 60 people in all.


Fully's Jarvis Standing Desk

Fully already has showrooms in both San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. Many of the firm’s clients are located on the East Coast and the new Baltimore site will help to speed up the delivery process. The showroom will provide consumers with the opportunity to test products and reduce shopping costs and carbon emissions, something that is a major concern for the firm.

When the company was founded in 2006, it was called Ergo Depot. The name change only occurred within the last year. Ben Oh said the company will focus on e-commerce and doesn’t have any immediate plans for brick-and-mortar expansions. The Jarvis Electric Adjustable Desk is only one example of the company’s products.

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