Frigid Monster Storm Across US took away 34 Lives

Frigid Monster Storm Across US Claims 34 Lives. A deep freeze on Sunday shook millions of people. They hunkered against the breeze to ride out the winter storm, finally killing 34 people across the United States. A car sat amidst the snow on 25th Dec 2022 in Amherst, NY. The frigid storm is expected to claim more lives. Many homes and businesses also lost power. The unprecedented storm spanned the Great Lakes near Canada to the Rio Grande along the Mexican border. A winter warning was issued to 60% of the US population, and the temperature suddenly plummeted from the Rocky Mountains to the Appalachians.

  • Hundreds of flights got cancelled.
  • The storm unleashed on Buffalo hurricane-forced winds
  • Cars covered approximately 6 feet of snowdrifts

Traveller’s weather woes: Flights cancelled

Already hundreds of flights have been cancelled, and more are expected after the bomb cyclone that develops near the Great Lakes and drops atmospheric pressure. It is supposed to stir various Blizzard conditions, such as snow and heavy winds. One thousand seven hundred seven domestic and international flights on Sunday got cancelled. Hurricane-forced winds in Buffalo even paralyzed the emergency response efforts. Kathy Hochul, the New York government, said the vehicles to respect the ongoing driving ban. The airport is to be shut through Tuesday morning. Buffalo Niagara International Airport stood at 43 inches (109 centimetres) at 7 a.m. Sunday.

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Freezing situations leading to death

6-foot snow drifts cover cars, and the wind gusts follow around 40 mph. Two people died in their suburban Cheektowaga, New York. Emergency crews couldn’t reach them to treat them, and 10 more people died in Erie County during the storm, including six in Buffalo. Some were found in cars, while others were lying covered on the ground. Electricity was also cut off from Maine to Seattle, and people had to stay without powder for long hours.


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