Frederick County gets a new flag

Frederick County, Maryland, has unveiled a new flag representing the county as a “crossroads” of Maryland. The new flag was chosen as part of a contest held by the county government to redesign the old one, which had been criticized for its outdated design.


The winning design, created by local artist Jane Smith, features a blue and yellow cross with a red and white flower in the center. The blue and yellow represent the county’s location at the crossroads of Maryland, while the flower represents the county’s agricultural heritage.

The new flag was officially adopted on Flag Day, June 14, marking the county’s 275th anniversary. The flag was raised at a ceremony attended by county officials, community leaders, and residents.

County Executive Jan Gardner praised the new design, saying it “captures the essence of Frederick County” and “represents our rich history and bright future.”

The county also announced that the winner of the flag redesign contest would receive a cash prize of $1,275, in honor of the county’s 275th anniversary.

Overall, the community has well-received the new flag, with many residents expressing pride in the county’s new symbol. The flag is expected to be flown at county buildings and events throughout Frederick County for years.

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