Four life secrets about Kim Won

Kim Won-Hae is an actor who knew about the training phase that would groom him as an actor. Rightly so, as he got the much-needed professional training at the Seoul Institute of Arts, where he majored in Theater and film. He gained professional training under experts’ guidance, which continued to nurture him. 

The hunger to prove himself gave him a head start in his career.

Kim Wonhe has a pleasing personality as someone who can carry with grace and positivity. It was equally the charm in his voice that didn’t take long for him to become a cast member on seasons 1-4 of SNL Korea. Although his acting career started in 1991 while being signed under Pium Entertainment, he got a head start through his debut in 1998 with the film “Spring in My Hometown.” There was no looking back for him since then as he continued to go up by reaching the ladders of success with every passing day. He has a supporting role in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (2017)

A professionally matured actor who got better with time 

His skills, grace, and how he carried himself all sum up as an actor who is mature professional and aware of his. He garnered similar innate qualities over time that earned him an award in 2016. He was proud to get the Bonsang Award at the Scene Stealer Festival. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon | Kim Won Hae screaming for 2 minutes straight

Fans say that :

Mr Kim Won-Hae, anyoaseo, my big congratulations for your good acting! You can play every role and you make me so much laugh 😂😅👏👏👏👍👍👍 At the moment I’m looking The fiery priest! OMG As I saw you as a Russian mafioso 😂🤣 ! So good! Stay happy and healthy and please continue making good movies!

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