Fortnite Blotch Notes: What Is The New Fortnite 2.74 Version Update?

Fortnite Blotch Notes

After Fortnite Season three got out, players became mad due to all the fresh updates that came with it. Noone can ski on the water while bestriding on sharks. Meowscles’ son is here to manifest how cool he is and various fresh imaginary weapons have achieved popularity as soon as they appeared. However, a fresh Fortnite 2.74 version up-gradation came out peacefully, and here are the details of it.

What is the new Fortnite update?

Fortnite developer company Epic Games has amazingly rolled out a new up-gradation for the Battle Royale recently. This fresh up-gradation is called the Fortnite 2.74 version update whose details were not declared by the developer. Furthermore, this fresh update has been rolled out to affix some Fortnite Patch notes matters that a preceding PC patch set over on the Windows platform.

What emerges is that the fresh Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 up-gradation came with a hit deal. The players from various cities informed crashing issues while using the Emote Wheel in Fortnite. Furthermore, after understanding the problem, Epic Games told me that they know of a crash that can frequently appear after using the Emote Wheel. They are working on this issue and will share an update when it’s fixed. Then, the company issued this essential update to resolve the problem. 

The problem is only resolved on PS4, Xbox One, and Mac platforms where the computer has still not got the Fortnite 2.74 version up-gradation. The update is 1.57GB and you must download it before you start playing the game online.

Fortnite patch notes and what’s new

  • The hunting rifle is reversed.
  • Headshot defilement has been reduced except for sniper rifles and explosives.
  • Whirlpools disperse around the map, uplift you into the air, and deploy a glider.
  • Some thoraxes now have legs in Fortnite Season three.
  • Groups of overwhelmed henchmen, Marauders have a chance to reach near you, some guard particular locations. 
  • Meteors dropped after a tremendous sound containing Marauders.

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