Former U.S. State Department Employees Pleads Guilty To Selling Government Armored Vehicles


U.S. Attorney Jessie K. Liu announced Friday a Maryland man and former U.S. Department of State employee pleaded guilty to selling government vehicles, including a Hummer and 12 Chevrolet Suburbans.

Fifty-nine-year-old Ricky J. Motley of Thurmont, Maryland conspired with 68-year-old James Ratcliffe of Fairfax Station, Virginia and others to sell vehicles belonging to the United States government without authorization.

Judge And JuryMotley worked in the State Department’s Defensive Equipment and Armored Vehicle Division. His responsibilities included repairing, acquisitioning and maintaining armored vehicles, handling related record keeping.

Ratcliffe, owner of the Car Collision Center in Springfield, Virginia, had a license to sell automobiles under the name of Collector’s Auto Restoration. He and others performed work on vehicles for several government agencies through the Car Collision Center.

Motley caused truckloads of State Department wheels and tires to be delivered to the Collision Center on two occasions in 2011 and 2012. Under Motley’s instructions, Ratcliffe sold the tires and wheels and kept the full proceeds of approximately $7,500.

In 2011, Ratcliffe and Motley took several unarmored vehicles, including 12 Chevrolet Suburbans and a Hummer from the State Department motor pool. They sold these vehicles and split the proceeds from the sale, which totaled up to $408,520. Deposit and cash withdrawal records show that Motely received approximately $53,000 from the sale of the stolen vehicles.

In 2015, Motley provided Ratcliffe with two Suburbans that were recovered during a criminal investigation. The vehicles were valued at $96,400.

Ratcliffe faces a maximum sentence of 24 months in prison and $40,000 find. Under the plea agreement, he will be required to pay $416,020 in restitution and $53,000 in forfeiture.

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