Former Security Guard At 9/11 Memorial Pleads Guilty To Firearms Trafficking


New York – Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York announced that Maquan Moore, a 9/11 Memorial security guard, pled guilty to firearms trafficking in connection with his trafficking of more than 25 firearms from locations outside of New York into Manhattan.  Moore pled guilty today to an Information in Manhattan federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Katharine H. Parker.

U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman said:  “Maquan Moore was in the business of peddling illegal firearms in busy downtown New York.  When individuals attempt to bypass the critically important system of licensing for lawful ownership, the result is a less safe society for all of us. One shudders to think the harm these weapons could have caused in the wrong hands.”

According to the Complaint, Information, and other statements made in open court:

Beginning in December 2017, a joint task force of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (“ATF”) and the New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) made multiple undercover purchases of firearms from Moore, who at the time was working as a security guard at the 9/11 Memorial.  These firearms included several assault-style weapons, such as a MAC-10 machine pistol, and various other handguns and rifles.  On the evening of February 1, 2018, an undercover officer purchased from Moore additional firearms, many of which had been brought by Moore’s co-conspirator, Morris Wilson, from Florida to New York.  In connection with Moore and Wilson’s arrest, the ATF/NYPD Task Force seized 21 additional firearms.

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Moore, 29, of Manhattan, pled guilty to one count of firearms trafficking, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.  The maximum potential sentence in this case is prescribed by Congress and is provided here for informational purposes only, as any sentencing of the defendant will be determined by the judge.

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