Former Professor Of Psychology At New York Medical School Faces Charges Of Theft, Involving Government Funds


Acting U.S. Attorney Joon H. Kim announced Tuesday a prominent New York researcher was charged with using his position to convert tens of thousands of dollars of federal grant funds and school funds to his personal use.

Judge And JuryFifty-one-year-old Alexander Neumeister of Hamden, Connecticut utilized about $9,000 in government funds to pay for eight round trip flights to visit a friend in Salt Lake City. He also purchased a “nine-day, all-expense paid trip” to Miami Beach for the same friend utilizing school funds. That trip cost more than $4,300, according to court documents.

The friend was also paid the Friend more than $10,000 for participating in research studies conducted by Neumeister. School officials later discovered that the friend never participated in any research study for the school.

Neumeister utilized a procurement card that was specifically authorized for study-related expenses to make unrelated purchases, including airline tickets, restaurant meals, lodging, beer tabs and an iPhone. These charges totaled up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Once supervisors at the school discovered the unauthorized use of the procurement card, Neumeister agreed to pay back some of the charges to avoid putting his job in jeopardy. He never followed through with these promises.

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