Former ICE Agent Gets 7-Year Prison Sentence For Harboring An Undocumented Immigrant

Acting U.S. Attorney William E. Fitzpatrick announced Tuesday a former deportation officer was sentenced to 84 months in prison for harboring an undocumented immigrant, making false statements to immigration authorities and accepting bribes.

PrisonForty-year-old Arnaldo Echevarria of Somerset, New Jersey accepted sex and cash bribes in exchange for providing employment authorization documents and concealing employment of an undocumented immigrant, according to court documents.

Echevarria obtained employment authorization documents for several undocumented immigrants in exchange for $75,000 in cash bribes and sex between 2012 and 2014. None of the undocumented immigrants had applied or received temporary protected status. The individuals worked in a salon owned by Echevarria.

ICE officials granted Echevarria permission to open a hair salon in West Orange, New Jersey. He guaranteed ICE that the salon would not employ undocumented workers and not conflict with ICE matters. He later employed his girlfriend, who was an undocumented immigrate to manage the salon. She utilized the identification of an individual in Puerto Rico to obtain a Pennsylvania ID card.

In addition to the 84-month prison term, Echevarria was ordered to forfeit $75,000.

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