Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr Season 8: All Details

Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. Season 8

I am happy to share these stories about the guests in Season 8 of Finding Your Roots. I am honored that our show has inspired people from all over the country. Finding Your Roots and the American Experience show that we are all immigrants. We may come from different countries, but we are still the same at a genetic level. Each of us is different.

We all have a story to tell and the goal of  FINDING YOUR ROOTS  is to let those ancestors tell their stories. In a time when our country has seen so many bad things, it is important to remind people that we all share the same feelings. That so many talented people made this season happen in the face of a disease is a good thing. In the most challenging of times, it is comforting–and inspiring–to know where you come from. And to reaffirm the unity of all Americans.

In Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr Season 8 they use new technology and old-school tracing to find it. Along the way, this series collects family trees from all over the world. It starts in one country and then goes to another. In each episode, people will meet the ancestors of guests. They’ll learn about their lives. People can watch war heroes and criminals, farmers and factory workers, all the time struggling with tough conditions. People in your family might have different stories. But they are still part of your family and so they are a part of history. That is why it is important to learn about the people in our families and not just about famous people or important events.

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Henry Louis Gates Jr. is the host of this show. He’s also an expert on African-American things and a professor at Harvard University. Dr. Gates has DNA experts, CeCe Moore and Nick Sheedy, who have solved many mysteries and found many people’s relatives. They are also genealogists with Kim Morgan. Dr. Gates assembled them to create his family trees and ancestral narratives for his show on ABC called “The Genetic Detective.”

What can we expect from Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr Season 8?

This program is a production of many companies. The writer, host, and producer are Henry Louis Gates Jr. Dyllan McGee and Peter Kunhardt are also producers. John F. Wilson is the executive producer for WETA who helped make this show happen. Bill Gardner is in charge of PBS. Sabin Streeter is a senior producer, Natalia Warchol is a series producer, Hannah Olson is a consulting producer, Deborah Clancy Porfido is the supervising producer. Kevin Burke and Robert L. Yacyshyn are producers. Sabin and Krista are directors.

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Support for finding your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is provided by Johnson & Johnson. This company gets help from the Ford Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Candace King Weir, Lloyd Carney Foundation, and The Inkwell Society.

An electronic press kit for FINDING YOUR ROOTS WITH HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR., Season Eight is available from PBS Pressroom. It includes downloadable photos to use.

Who will be starring in Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr Season 8?

In 2021, there will be a new season for America’s most fascinating people. The show is called “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr.” This season will premiere in January 2022 on PBS.

FINDING YOUR ROOTS, Season Eight features ten new episodes. Each person on the show has their own story about how they became who they are today. This is a party with people who are on the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, and also some other people. Amy Carlson (on the show “Blue Bloods”) and Terry Crews (on the show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”) were there too. People who work in many different things are people like Pamela Adlon, Lena Waithe, and Regina King. Also filmmakers Lee Daniels and Damon Lindelof. Plus André Leon Talley, Erin Burnett, Mario Lopez, David Chang, and Brittany Packnett Cunningham, and Anita Hill.

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