Federal Inmate Defrauded The City Of Philadelphia And Real Estate Property Owners From Prison


U.S. Attorney Louis L. Lappen announced Friday a federal inmate was sentenced to 200 months for masterminding a scheme to defraud the state of Pennsylvania, City of Philadelphia and purchasers and owners of real estate in Philadelphia.

PrisonFifty-six-year-old Kenneth Hampton conspired with others to file false deeds for Philadelphia residential property, while an inmate at a federal prison. He utilized phones at the prison to give direction to his conspirators to locate residential property, prepare and file fraudulent deeds, live in the homes and then sell them for a profit.

“The defendant in this case is a recidivist criminal who had the audacity, while he was in prison, to steal homes from innocent victims. Real estate frauds such as this have a devastating impact on each victim whose most valuable asset generally is his home,” said Attorney Louis L. Lappen said in a statement. “Today’s sentence of more than 16 years in prison sends the message that our justice system will not tolerate this type of financial fraud, and those who commit these crimes will be punished severely.”

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