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Features You Need in a Key Finder

The misplacement of keys is one incident the whole of humanity shares. Whether it’s the house or vehicle keys, you may have a knack of leaving them where they don’t belong. Then you search for them in horror and shock when being stranded outside your vehicle or front doors. 

Fortunately, technology is here for the rescue in the form of a key finder. It is a device that usually uses Bluetooth technology to help you keep track of your keys via your phone. It is added to the key bunch, just like another key. To function under relatively harsh conditions, which applies to both the environment and the key owners, it must have certain features that will suit the job.

Strong Build

A key finder must be robust enough to withstand the keys’ daily movement and itself on the bunch. There will be constant knocking, shuffling, banging, scratching, compression, and outright wall/floor banging while being thrown about in frustration or anger in its lifetime. 

The environment may wreak havoc on it too. It could be exposed to water, extreme and direct heat, low temperatures and snow, hailstones, impact by rocks, sand, mud, etc. It must not get bogged down by these easily. 

Pleasing Aesthetics

You can’t have a drab-looking chunk attached to your beautifully designed car fob. The key finder must come in a design that complements your tastes. It must have suitable colours to match wherever they are placed. It must also slide easily into pockets and bags along with the keys, and shouldn’t cause discomfort.

The Latest Technology

The latest technology incorporated into the key finder means you’ll get the best functionality. The latest Bluetooth version is 5.0, which comes with long-range operational capabilities at lower battery consumption compared to the previous version. It must have a long-lasting battery, so it won’t accidentally run out of juice and become just paperweight. 

The firmware must have security to prevent hacking. The buzzer, if any, must be loud enough to be heard at a distance, long enough to increase the chance of getting attention, and unique enough to stand out from the cacophony of the surroundings. And it must all be in a compact package. 

Low Weight and Cost

The key finder must be an accessory to the keyring, not another member that outweighs the total rest of the bunch itself. Low weight is vital to keep it portable and helpful instead of it being a cumbersome intrusion. 

It must also be easy on the pocket metaphorically as well. It should cost lower than that of a duplicate key creation. 

Reliability and Ease of Use

It must be always on and ready to start. The device must not suffer faults that can render it non-functional. This especially applies to multi-finder setups where they are in constant operation and vying for phone connection. They mustn’t interfere with one another or with another connection. They mustn’t contact the wrong person, either. Ensure it isn’t too complicated to set up and use either.


Key finders are tiny gadgets that can be of big help to anyone who forgets where they put their stuff. They are a good investment that will save your other assets from being lost.

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