FBI Headquarters May Be Relocated To Prince George’s County


The U.S. House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure Committee passed a resolution to permit the FBI Headquarters relocation project to move forward, pending necessary funding. The proposed $1.4 billion headquarters will facilitate 11,000 FBI employees. It will require a group effort from local, state and federal leaders to work with the FBI and GSA, as the Request for Proposals move into the final stages.


J. Edgar Hoover Building

There are three potential sites, with two being located in Prince George’s County, the former Landover Mall property and Greenbelt Metro Station. The third potential site is located in Springfield, Virginia.

Maryland Representative Steny Hoyer said, “Bringing the FBI to Prince George’s County would be a game changer and is a once in a generation opportunity. That is why this effort is such a high priority for the County and State of Maryland”. He also went on to say that the Greenbelt and Landover sites were far more superior to the Springfield, Virginia site.

The General Services Administration began contemplating relocation back in November 2013, claiming the J. Edgar Hoover Building was cramped, outdated and very costly to maintain. The four-decade-old building located on Pennsylvania Avenue will probably be demolished after the new headquarters is completed.

When rumors of the relocation emerged, many citizens voiced their concerns about the cost and new location. Some felt that the FBI Headquarters should remain in DC, where it will have access to AG and other government amenities.

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