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Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls: All Latest Details

Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls is a new movie series. The first movie will come out on January 28, 2022. The second one will come out on February 11, 2022. Kenichi Yoshida made the designs for the characters in this new movie series.

In November 2021, Netflix bought the rights to a T.V. show from Japan called The Orbital Children. In 2020, the first part of this show will be shown in Japan and on Netflix in 2022.

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What is the release date of Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls?

Netflix is the company that will release this movie. They bought it, and they will be releasing it to people in 192 countries and territories on January 28, 2022. That is when people in Japan can see part one of the movie.

There is not much information about a movie called “Extra-Terrestrial Boys and Girls.” People have been talking about it on social media. I learned about it from a poster. A man named Iso, who has made many movies, spoke in the video about his work. The only show he made by himself is about high schoolers in the future who have gadgets. It is a sci-fi anime.

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Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls is made in Japan. The new anime will be out in 2022. And the word “beginning” and “spring” are hard words to understand. But they can either mean early in the year or early during Springtime.

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What is the plot of Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls?

An Extra-Terrestrial Boys and Girls story takes place in 2045. It’s the year when people have advanced technology on Earth and also in space.

The kids live in a space station. They need to use their phones, social media, artificial intelligence, and drones that they control with their phones for survival.

Iso’s preview video shows what some of these robots and technology look like. For example, the first shot is a hand that has a glove, and it can also be used as a smart device that records videos and then previews them on the back of the hand.

The story started in 2045. It takes place in outer space, where the internet is standard. A big accident happened on a Japanese commercial station in space. Children were left behind when the station was closed.

These children are in trouble because their parents cannot help them. There is a law that they can use to talk with other people. They can use an AI-based app on their mobile device called Smart, which will control the drone. Will they be able to use these things to survive?

Who will be starring in Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls?

The creators of the show “MitsuoIso” and an anime studio called Production +h (founded for this project) have not told us many details about the characters in the show. They only said what they looked like and a few basics.

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I also posted a video from the animated show Extra-Terrestrial Boys and Girls. In this video, you can see how things look in the future. You will see gadgets and space stations. The animation is not all finished yet, but you can still see different characters that are coming to the show soon.

These include:

  • There is a boy with dark hair and a green hoodie. His name is Touya.
  • A girl with short dark hair and bangs. She is wearing an orange jacket, and she has a robot called Konoha with her.
  • A 15-year-old boy with brown hair is wearing a white coat. His name is Taiyou.
  • There is a girl who has silver hair, and she is 14 years old. Her name is Miina.
  • Hiroshi is 12 years old, and he wears glasses.

What is the production of Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls?

The film will be out in 2022, but they started filming on October 27, 2020.

Producer MD initially worked on this project, but they changed their name to Production +h. The founders are Fuminori Honda, who used to work at Production I.G. and Signal-MD.

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