Experience the best kids entertainment zone in Mumbai

Do you look for some after school or weekend entertainment for your kids in Mumbai? You don’t have to search a lot because the city boasts the best game centers in India that abound in exciting activities that help kids relieve school stress in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere. Take a look at the gaming opportunities leading Mumbai entertainment zones provide.

1. Bumper cars

Is your kid a fan of exciting car rides? If yes, a bumper car adventure will spark a lot of interest and enthusiasm with him. Mumbai bumper cars bring children’s entertainment to the next level with some additions that double up on the excitement kids feel during the ride. The vehicles are equipped with LED illumination and dual joysticks that allow little drivers spin all around like racing pros.

2. Bowling

Whether it’s a kids-only party or a family get-together, there are bowling opportunities for all. You can enjoy the standard bowling lanes if you are a gang of grown-ups or teenagers. There is also a kids adaptation of bowling with shorter lanes and lighter bowls to make it easy for the kid to hit a strike. Bowling lanes for children feature eye-catching animations to make the kids more engaged. Both short and standard-length bowling lanes have seating areas in the background where you and your friends can kick back with a sip of refreshing beverage after a hard game.

3. Arcade games

If you are fond of arcade games, feel free to try one in a game zone in Mumbai. Get behind the wheel of a driver unit to compete in a head-spinning race in a virtual world where you can push the accelerator to the floor and do risky maneuvers at 300 km/h. You can compete against a ghost rider controlled by AI, or challenge your friends to beat you on the highway. Start as an amateur, then polish your driving skills to compete in more serious competitions, winning trophies and becoming a racing hall of fame legend.

4. Wall climbing

Another activity that makes adrenaline spike is wall climbing. Any kid that loves risk, adventure and competition can accept the challenge of the steep wall and try to conquer it. Sometimes climbing is easy, other times you will have to think through your next move carefully due to limited options for advancing upwards. It’s a challenging task that trains not only your physical condition, but also your analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The nice thing about this kind of entertainment is that you can choose the level of difficulty, so if you are a beginner, you can start with an easy route, then move to more complicated routes as you get more skilled and fearless.

5. Laser maze

Once you get tired of climbing walls and playing arcades, you can get into the laser maze where you have to prove finest body control to pass through the dense network of laser beams without touching any of them. Hurry up as it’s a time contest where both speed and body flexibility matter.

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