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Everything Revealed About “The Crown” Season 5: Here’s Every Info

The Crown is a British Netflix Original series that has been on the air for four seasons. The new season of The Crown, Season 5, is set to release this year. The show follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II from when she was just a princess until her old age where she becomes one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history. The fifth season will cover events such as Prince Charles’ engagement to Lady Diana Spencer and Britain joining what would become known as Europe’s Economic Community (EEC).

What is the release date of the Crown Season 5?

Netflix has not told us when season 5 of the Crown will come out. Season 5 of The Crown is starting filming in July.

Filming on previous seasons lasted about seven months, and then post-production took at least eight months. The Crown’s four completed seasons have all premiered at different times, some in November and December.

I think The Crown season 5 will start in November of 2022.

What is the plot of The Crown Season 5?

Season 5 of The Crown is likely to take place in the 1990s and will show Charles and Diana’s marriage. Season 4 left off with their marriage breaking up.

The couple formally separated in 1992. Queen Elizabeth called that year “annushorribilis.” That year also saw other separations, like Prince Andrew and the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, as well as the official divorce of Princess Anne from Mark Phillips.

The Crown Season 5: First Look at Imelda Staunton's Queen Elizabeth II - IGN

Charles and Diana got divorced. People talked about it a lot because of the book written by Andrew Morton. In the book, Diana talked about how she felt. She had interviews for that book, too, so people saw what she said and heard her thoughts.

In that year, there was a fire at Windsor Castle. That is one of Queen Elizabeth’s houses.

The Crown may end in 2002. The year 2002 was when the Queen’s Mother and Princess Margaret died. It was also the year of the Golden Jubilee, which would make it a perfect way for the show to end.

Who will be starring in The Crown Season 5?

Every two seasons, the cast of the Crown changes. This time, Olivia Colman is going to be replaced by Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II. She is best known for Harry Potter and Downton Abbey.

Claire Foy did a good job playing the Queen. I am now doing the Queen too, but people might not think that I’m doing it right. People might say she is not like that, and this can be frustrating to me.

Netflix released a photo of the new Staunton on July 30. The real Prince Philip died, so this is a new person. We will miss Helena Bonham Carter in the movie. But we can look forward to Lesley Manville as the younger sister of the queen.

Sadly, we only got one season of Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. But Elizabeth Debicki is a great actress. She will replace Josh O’Connor. And Dominic West will replace Charles in the show.

No word yet on who will play other characters in the show. They have not found someone to play the Duke of York.

The most recent role to be cast is for Prime Minister John Major. He served from 1990 to 1997. The person who plays him will be Jonny Lee Miller (formerly of Elementary). Depending on the time period of season 5, we may also meet Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Season 5 will include Prince William and Prince Harry. The second husband of Princess Anne is Timothy Laurence. The eventual wife of Prince Edward is Sophie Rhys-Jones.

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