English Lessons with Native Speakers Can Help Bolster Your Career

English Lessons with Native Speakers Are Just a Click Away

English fluency is a wonderful asset that can give you an edge in your personal and professional life. English is spoken in many countries around the world, so wherever you travel, you’ll likely find English speakers you can communicate with. Moreover, good English skills can mean more job opportunities and can help you move up the ladder in your current career.

However, there are clear differences between native English speakers and non-native speakers. If you want to learn English and get as close as possible to speaking like a native, English lessons with native speakers are the way to go

How Can Non-Native Speakers Reach Fluency in English?

Learning English as a non-native speaker can be challenging, but it’s certainly possible. One of the best ways to build your English skills is to sign up for English lessons with native speakers at Eurekly, a platform where experienced tutors offer their services. There are many English tutors on the site who specialize in different areas. If you want to learn to speak like a native, you can filter your search results for tutors who are native English speakers. 

How Can Speaking English Like a Native Help Your Career?

Unfortunately, the workplace doesn’t always treat non-native English speakers fairly. A 2020 study conducted by Nursing Inquiry followed 15 black nurses from African countries who worked in the U.S and spoke English with a foreign accent. The results found that they were perceived to be less intelligent, and incapable of leading. They were also more likely to be judged and mocked. The nurses themselves felt that their accents were preventing them from moving up the career ladder.

Another study published in International Migration relates how bilingual social workers in Australia who speak English with an accent were aware of how their accents could decrease credibility as a professional and prevent them from moving forward in their careers. Despite this, they saw an inherent value in being bilingual.  

While the influence an accent can have on career mobility is an unfortunate reality, it shows how important it is to speak English like a native to the best of your abilities. English lessons with native speakers can help you achieve that goal.

English is an Asset No Matter What Accent You Have

A study published by the University of Toronto Press interviewed 100 ESL students with intermediate proficiency about how they felt about their accents in English. More than half said that pronunciation was their major challenge in communicating and most felt that they would garner more respect if they had the same pronunciation as a native speaker. 

While speaking English with an accent can be intimidating when you’re around native English speakers, knowing two languages is something to be proud of. In fact, the study conducted in Australia highlights that, despite prejudices against professionals who speak English with an accent, those who are bilingual know that bilingualism is a valuable asset.

Can Online Tutoring Help You Speak English like a Native Speaker?

Studying English with online tutors who are native English speakers themselves is a great way to learn to speak like a native. If you study English with someone who isn’t a native English speaker, you are less likely to learn the correct pronunciation. 

In general, online learning is a great way to make headway with a new language. As an adult who works or has a family to take care of, it’s probably hard to find the time for leisure activities. Eurekly offers a wide selection of tutors so you can find one who works around your schedule. There’s also no commitment, so you can schedule lessons beforehand or whenever you have free time.

Additionally, Eurekly tutors offer very competitive prices, with some lessons starting as low as $5. And for a low price, you get one-on-one attention with a native English-speaking tutor who can help you with reading, writing, pronunciation, and more. 

Many tutors offer free trial lessons, so you can see if you’re a good fit and whether you want to continue with this person. If you don’t want to continue, you can try another tutor. If you do want to continue, you can schedule more lessons easily via Eurekly’s calendar.

Investing in Your Career

While English lessons with native speakers require an investment of time and money, consider it an investment in your career. While it may not be fair, studies show that the better you speak English, the better your chances of moving forward. Learning with an online tutor can help you improve your vocabulary and sentence structure. Even if you speak English with an accent, your eloquence will demand respect. 

There’s no time like the present to start. Check out English tutors on Eurekly and launch your journey of learning to speak English like a native.

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