Encanto: Disney’s Animated Fantasy Film To Add To Your Watch List

Encanto: Disney's Animated Fantasy Film
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Disney has been one of the leading producers of animation for decades. From classics like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to modern-day films such as Moana. They have a wide variety of animated films that are worth watching. In addition, their newest film, set to release November 24th, 2021, is Encanto. Encanto is a Fantasy Film that tells the story of the Madrigal family in Encanto, located in the Columbian mountains.

Disney’s Encanto Releasing this November

Evidently, mark the date on your calendars! It is time for another Disney film to be released! On November 24, 2021, you will be able to catch Encanto on Disney.

The storyline of the movie is written by Jared Bush and Byron Howard. The movie is about a family living in Encanto which is located in the Columbian Mountains. Clark Spencer will be producing the upcoming movie.

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The Upcoming Movie is All About Magic

Not much has been revealed about the details of the show yet. But we do know that the film will center on the Madrigal family and their daughter named Mirabel. It will follow their journey as they face both magic and danger. Mirabel will struggle to fit in with her family as all the other members will have magical power except her.

Will Mirabel get magical powers? Is she likely to fit in the family? What will be her struggles? The movie will have it all.

One of the things that have been revealed about this upcoming movie is its story. The main protagonist, Mirabel will neither be blessed nor cursed with magic abilities. She will bravely go on her journey to find out why she does not get any special power. Despite being part of a family where all members are gifted in some sort of way.

Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 will Voice Mirabel

We have a piece of very exciting information for you. We have been waiting for a long time and finally, we can share this information with you. Stephanie Beatriz from Brooklyn 99 will be voicing the protagonist in “Encanto!”


Diane Guererro will play Isabel. Isabel will be the older sister to Mirabel. Luisa will have the voice of Jessica Darrow. She will also be a sister to Mirabel. Pepa and Felix will be played by Carolina Gaitan and Mauro Castillo respectively.

Adassa will give voice to Dolores who will be the daughter of Pepa and Felix. Along with Adassa, Rhenzy Feliz will play Camilo.

That is all for the cast of Encanto. We will have other details soon!

Sit back and relax as Encanto makes your vacation to Colombia come alive.

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