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Elite Season 5 Cast, Release Date And Other Latest News

“Elite” starts as your average teen drama. Three new students at the ultra-exclusive Las Encinas secondary school have to face all the trials and tribulations that come with being new and poorer than everyone else around them. As if that wasn’t enough, the show employs a flash-forward device, so we see one of the students at the school has met a grisly end. There’s more at stake than figuring out who’s hooking up with who. It’s a genuine struggle for survival throughout the first four seasons of the hit Netflix series.

What’s the release date for Elite Season 5?

Each season of “Elite” includes a total of eight episodes, with a one-year gap between new episodes. Season 4 was released on the service on June 18, 2021, following Season 3 was released in March 2020. Despite the fact that Netflix hasn’t specified a precise release date as of this writing, Season 5 should arrive in around a year’s time. Season 5 of “Elite” is set to premiere in June 2022, at the earliest.

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What’s the plot of Elite Season 5?

Five seasons is a long time for a show to be around on Netflix. And seeing as how most of the main cast from Season 1 have left or will soon move on, the next season could very well be the last. Season 4 also mixed things up significantly by having Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau) kill Armando (Andrés Velencoso), who had previously attacked Ari. Guzmán then dumped the body with some help from old friends before leaving town. It’s possible Season 5 could pick up this plot thread and check in with what Guzmán is up to these days.

Elite season 5 trailer

Because season 4 of Elite-only hit Netflix on June 18, 2020. There’s no trailer yet for season 5 and likely won’t be out for a while. Likely a few months before it premieres sometime in 2022.

Elite season 5 episodes

Given that the first four seasons of Elite have consisted of eight episodes. It’s likely that season 5 will follow suit. Of course, there’s always a chance that there could be more episodes. Especially if there are some big storylines that need extra time to set up or resolve. But that hasn’t been confirmed at this time.

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