Elijah Cummings Demands Immediate Release Of Trump’s Comey Tapes


As a member of the United States House of Representatives, Elijah Cummings has become a powerful force in the Progressive movement. Cummings first assumed office in April of 1996. Since then, his support in Maryland’s 7th congressional district has not wavered. He has consistently defeated his opponents with nearly 70% of the vote. Since Donald Trump has taken over as President, Cumming has sat down with him several times. The outcome of their conversations depends solely on whom you ask.

Previously, it was reported that the Democrat lawmaker told President Trump that he could easily go down as one of greatest presidents in the history of America. This has since been disputed by the Baltimore native. In fact, Elijah Cummings has not been hesitant to criticize the millionaire president. While Cummings believes Trump could be a great president should he decide to represent all Americans, the war of words continues.After the firing of FBI head, James Comey, Cummings expressed his concerns clearly. He subsequently called for “immediate emergency hearings” to discuss the issue. Cummings went on to accuse the White House of covering up for former National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, by failing to provide any related documents to Congress. He also expressed suspicions regarding the firing of Comey, who was “doing the most to investigate President Trump and his campaign over allegations of coordination with Russia.”

Cummings has also noted that Jeff Sessions’s involvement in Comey’s firing as “mindboggling”. On Sunday, Cummings made an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy. He spoke with host, Joy Reid, about Trump’s recent statements alluding to the possibility of recordings Trump may have made during his meetings with then FBI director, James Comey. Cummings suggested the tapes would fall under the Presidential Records Act and therefore could be preserved as a part of the presidential records. Simultaneously, Cummings believes Congress should be able to access the recordings should they exist.

The relationship between Trump and Cummings once appeared on the mend. During Sunday’s AM Joy, Cummings made it clear he was willing to get to the bottom of Comey’s firing on behalf of the American people. Cummings has teamed up with fellow Representative John Conyers Jr. to send a letter to the White House demanding Trump hand over copies of the recordings to Congress immediately. The letter also calls Trump out for his tweets, which could easily be seen as a threat to the former FBI director.

The legitimacy of Trump’s tapes claim remains unknown. However, it is certain that any future relationship between Trump and Cummings and his Democrat colleagues will be anything, but rosy. On the contrary, it is highly likely that much of the same rhetoric will continue throughout the course of Trump’s remaining term.

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