Effective Tips to Speed Up Your ATV

Owning an ATV can be a lot of fun. However, if someone wants to make their ATV go faster, they may wonder what will work and what to try.

Those who find themselves in this situation can visit offroadpowerproducts.com and use the tips and information here. Being informed is the best way to know how to make an ATV perform better.

Is it Save to Make Upgrades to an ATV?

Before diving into the specific ways to improve an ATV’s speed, it is important to make sure the upgrades being done are safe. With more torque and horsepower, a person will achieve a higher level of acceleration and higher top speed from the quad.

Sometimes, upgrades are safe. However, any time the quad is ridden harder or faster than normal, the rider is going to increase the wear and tear on the vehicle. These effects can be reduced by engaging in regular maintenance.

When making upgrades, be careful of the factory warranty. Some alterations can void the warranty, so be sure the upgrades made will not cause this. If the ATV is still under warranty, and the rider wants to keep it, it may be best to wait to make upgrades until the warranty has expired.

User Higher Quality Fuel

A fast and easy change that can be made is to begin using a higher-octane fuel. Many quads do not require this based on the manufacturer’s instructions, but using better fuel can help increase the engine’s performance.

If possible, avoid ethanol-based fuels and choose higher-octane options. While this may cost more than the cheaper fuel, the difference will be seen when hammering down on the throttle.

A higher-octane fuel will burn cleaner, providing the rider with better gas mileage and less corrosion to the mechanical parts of the fuel system. While better mileage may not be noticed in an ATV, the performance benefits are there.

Anyone who wants a boost beyond the higher quality fuel can add an octane booster to the fuel themselves. There are several boosters available today that can provide this benefit.

Upgrade the Air Filter

Checking the air filter and ensuring it is clean and free of clogs is a smart move. If a clog forms in the filter, it can impact the total amount of air that is in the engine and what it uses when turned on. Trying to ride with a clogged air filter is like choking the engine.

Many riders will also upgrade the air filter to a lifetime option. Just make sure to purchase the right filter for the make and model of the ATV being used. With increased air flow thanks to the filters, the engine gets more air. Increased air fuel mixture means the ATV has more power. This is one of the easiest ways to improve the performance of the machine.

Make Adjustments to the Throttle Limiter Screw

For most ATVs, if a rider looks to the right of their handlebars where the throttle is, there will be a governor. There is a screw that is sticking out of the governor. This is the throttle limiter. This component is going to limit how much gas goes to the engine while riding.

Be sure the screw is turned completely out if a rider wants to give the ATV max throttle. Adjusting this is simple—just loosen the locknut that holds the throttle limiter screw in the proper position. Adjust this screw and then tighten the locknut again.

Many people screw the throttle limiter in if there are children who ride or may get on the quad. Be sure to double check the screw to ensure max gas is reaching the engine.

Change the Tire Pressure, Weight, and Size

Tire pressure plays a huge role in performance depending on the terrain being ridden on. When riding on snow or sand, a lower tire pressure is going to make the ATV perform better. However, on flat and hard surfaces, more tire pressure is going to be beneficial.

A good round number for tire pressure is five psi. However, there are calculators available online that will help you find the perfect psi for the terrain being driven on.

When it comes to tire weight, it is a good idea to change the wheels to help with this. For example, heavy mud tires are not going to make the ATV go faster, but the biggest issue related to this is the weight of steel wheels. Be sure to get tires and wheels that are the right size for the ATV.

For faster acceleration, choose a smaller tire. For more speed, choose a larger tire. The size of the tire is like changing the sprocket for gearing. Larger tires are going to take more power for turning but will also cover more ground with every revolution. Usually, riders will not change the size of their tire unless they want more ground clearance.

Add a Nitrous Kit

When a sudden and instant boost of speed is needed for an ATV, a nitrous ATV kit can be beneficial. These are not difficult to install or use, despite what may be depicted in movies. While every machine is unique, and it is a good idea to feel safe with the setup, it is possible to get quite a bit of extra speed with this kit.

Invest in a New Exhaust 

Upgrading the exhaust on an ATV can be expensive and something that will require a bit of time, work, and effort. However, it is a good idea to increase quad performance. When more air can leave the engine, it pulls more air in. The setup is great when combined with a higher flow air intake system.

Increasing the speed of an ATV may seem challenging and daunting at first, but it does not have to be. With the tips and information here, it is possible to get the desired level of performance and enjoy bigger benefits from the ATV that is being used. Being informed is the best way to get the desired performance.

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