Education Series for Teens to Watch on Netflix

Teens love streaming videos online, which can be used as a great way to offer them education. The film industry has played a significant role in educating society on different topics. From science, history, literature, art, and general life skills, students have a plethora of Netflix films to enjoy and learn from. Here are the best series on Netflix teachers and parents can showcase their teenagers at home or school.


It’s a great education Netflix original for young teens to explore various scientific experiments. Teens get to explore emotions, gravity, dreams, and superheroes. The show is not all about someone telling stories to an audience. The stories give us a perspective of why people think the way they do. Through different experiences, teens can learn and get entertained on different topics.

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Disney Nature: Oceans

Another thing that may capture a teen’s imagination is the world underwater. The filmmaker Jacques takes you through the deepest end and the life beneath the water surface. Explore life and dangers under the water. Kids will be thrilled by the wonders and beauty of the deep waters, which begin at the beach and leave you on a breathtaking exploration.

Ask the Storybots

Parents and teachers think Netflix is harmful to students, but generally, this is not the case. Ask the Storybotss is also a Netflix original educational series students can get occupied on. Teens get to take a trip and explore the world and get to ask questions about the sky and its color blue or why they need to brush their teeth. 

The best part is that at every end of each episode, teens get to get their favorite questions answered. Entertaining answers from Beep, Bing, Bang, Boop, and Bar where kids get all their questions answered.


Based on UK-Chinese film takes youngest teens through wonder, imagination, and a magical world of five friends. Cini, Vini, Iso, Kelta, and Puna take you through a pleasant score of visuals and musical sounds. The series’ characters don’t speak actual words, but their action gets to evoke the young kid’s imagination and learn positive lessons about friendship and emotions.

Barbie Big City Big Dream Big

This is more like the best Barbie series ever for young teens who get to tag along the streets of Malibu during the summer. Tag along to Broadway and enjoy the bright lights, meet Barnie and enjoy great music and performances. 

Barbie and her bestie take teens through New York City Times Square and the good that come with it. Teens get to discover the importance of helping each other and that competition isn’t everything in life.

Charlie’s Colorforms City

This is an enthusiastic film for young teens to develop their imagination and figure out colors and objects in the real world. The adventure-filled film takes kids through the life of Charlie and his friends, where they can use imagination to deal with challenges as they come. Charlie has to develop ingenuity and use the shapes around him to tackle problems. 

Growing up Wild

Let’s go to the wild for a minute and see how animals go through trials and tribulations but eventually triumph. The series takes you through the world of five animals. They get to learn through parental care, how to survive, find food, and able to detect danger. Teens will grow their sense of wonder in the wild and see how these young animals define their destiny. 

Emily’s Wonder lab

This show is more than awesome. Hopefully, they find a way to continue with new episodes. It makes science simple and entertaining, unlike the class where teens easily get bored. This is definably recommended for teens who want not only to be entertained but understand science explained in a simplified fashion. The show hosts Emily Calandrelli gets kids through sparkly experiments and other entertaining activities. 


Knowing how to keep your kids a little bit busy during the weekends and holidays is important. Besides going for a picnic and other outdoor activities, Netflix is a great way to enhance their knowledge of different perspectives in life. You need to offer them an environment that doesn’t feel like schools and keeps them occupied. These Netflix shows will enhance your kid’s knowledge and education. 

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