Ecommerce Trends for 2022

In 2021, companies are focused on adapting to the growth of e-commerce, in 2022 this trend will continue and will focus on differentiation and customer expectations.  US e-commerce sales are expected to surpass $ 1 trillion in 2022 and business owners will focus on customer service to stay ahead of the competition.

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Now let’s move on to the main future trends.

In 2023, voice sales are projected at $ 19.4 billion.  Businesses will continue to use voice features to make shopping easier for shoppers.  Conversational shopping allows you to interact with shoppers in real time.  Voice messaging via instant messengers and Alexa and Siri technologies will allow businesses to make recommendations and make contactless purchases.

Augmented reality for shopping visualization

Buyers don’t want to wonder how the new sofa will look in their living rooms; they want to see it there.  This is why experiments with new technologies will continue in 2022.  Features such as product renderers and designers, 3D maps, and augmented reality make it even easier for customers to visualize, explore, and “try” products online.

Various payment methods

At checkout, buyers want to choose their preferred payment method.  Companies that diversify their payment technologies are more likely to gain trust and encourage shoppers to spend more.  Interest-free financing solutions such as buy now, pay later, and one-click interest-free pay will continue to gain traction and attract shoppers looking for the flexibility to shop online.

Multichannel customer support

Brands are actively using artificial intelligence and automation to improve the customer experience.  An example of this is chatbots, software that can communicate with shoppers through a live chat interface.  Chatbots can serve customers around the clock and redirect shoppers to the right pages, forcing them to return to shopping.

Improved order planning

Customers want their purchases to arrive as quickly as possible.  If delivery is too slow, they will go elsewhere.  Tiered distribution models, over-optimized supply chains, and software-driven execution will lead to increased profits.

Increase in the number of parcel machines

Grocery stores, malls and other public places will have even more lockers for shoppers to pick up their purchases on their own.  Parcel machines are usually equipped with several parcels and are very convenient as they are located close to the customer.  As soon as the item is placed in the cart, the customer is notified that the order is ready for pickup.

Automated B2B transactions

E-commerce trends will automate invoices, receivables, repeat orders, and fulfillment. eCommerce companies of all sizes can visit Red Stag to learn more about outsourcing order fulfillment services.

Mobile trading

US mobile sales are expected to double by 2025.  To stay ahead of the curve, companies are making it easier to use the mobile site.  The ease and intuitiveness of mobile surfing will ensure more repeat purchases and increased sales.  This includes push notifications, SMS, messenger messages, and web optimization for mobile devices.

Technology does not stand still, and to be successful in 2022, you need to optimize your business with the latest technical innovations that will make your shopping experience much easier.

For example, entrepreneurs around the world have long enjoyed the technological advantages of e-commerce giant Amazon.  The company has implemented cloud services on its platform that help to quickly answer user questions and eliminate technical problems, as well as unique algorithms for remembering the viewed customer pages and building recommendations on products based on them.

Many people think that Shopify will be another trend.  And there is definitely some truth in this.  Therefore, it’s time to take care of your stores, do not forget about the above trends and, of course, shopify website design.

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