Dump Site Clean Up Project Will Cost Baltimore $3.9 Million

Baltimore will spend $3.9 million to remove hazardous materials from an East Baltimore dump site. Baltimore has entered into a consent decree with the state of Maryland and U.S. government over the hazardous pollution at the 68th Street Dump Site, bordering Herring Run in Rosedale.

Baltimore officials received notification from the Environmental Protection Agency in 1999 and 2014, regarding its “potential liability” to clean up the site. Seven landfills, covering 239 acres, make up the dump site, which stretches across the city and Baltimore County line from East Baltimore into Rosedale. Only 18 acres are within the city limits, the remainder is in Baltimore County.The site was utilized between from 1940 to 1970 for dumping liquid and solid municipal, industrial and commercial waste. Waste from the Pulaski Incinerator was also dumped there.

The clean up is expected to cost $55 million, which will be utilized to restore the streams, wetlands and reforestation. Businesses and property owners who transported or generated waste disposed at the landfills will contribute their share to that total.

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