Drones can air-drop medical supplies while fighting coronavirus

morningsidemaryland News Desk : Patients suffering from chronic health conditions face difficult times which become manifolds during Covid 19 times. More so, as their frequent visits become a source of grave concern since it thrown open enhanced risks due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Hence, this is where a startup in Africa is trying to reduce the associated risks by airdropping the medical supplies to local clinics so that the patients don’t have to put pressure on hospitals while visiting the same and crowding the place, and risk getting the virus. 

Zipline, a startup which is San Francisco based has been delivering blood and medical products since 2016 to health centers in Rwanda. Based on the immense success which it has seen over the years, it has also started covering Ghana. While the motivational level along with farsightedness of the startup has ensured that it is setting its eyes on starting the same in United States as well. 

There are two distribution centers which are basically used by Zipline where one is based in Rwanda while there are four centers in Ghana. These distribution centers have been carefully chosen to cover those hospitals which have poor connectivity along with lack of refrigerated vehicles. 

Upon placing the order by doctors within a 50 mile range, the drones cover the distance within 30 minutes, on an average. The drones are made to withstand the weightage of 4 pounds, which is roughly 1.8 kgs while dropping them on a predestined area with the help of a paper parachute. 

Since, the startup company has been serving the needs of people, so up till now it has already delivered 60,000 units of blood along with various emergency medicines in a time bound manner. 

Even the government has realized the kind of exemplary difference which the startup has offered where it has also lent a support.

For example, in Ghana, the distribution centers have stocks of emergency personal protective equipment which aims to deliver to the target places. 

Based on the current necessities the company it is also ready with the stocked Covid 19 related products so that it can timely deliver to hospitals as per the requirement. 

Based on the availability, test kits as well as vaccines will become a part of inventory of the startup company. 

The company is quite upbeat to cover the large scale requirements where it is equally motivated with a vision of delivering the supplies right where the people reside. 

Now, after years of selflessly imparting the service, Zipline has reached newer horizons where it has made an enormous profit of value $1.25 billion where more than 300 employees work in the company.

The company’s methodology has been closely monitored by the global public health centers with a view of starting the same back in their respective countries where a strong possibility of beginning in US is obviously in the cards.

It is true that not so developed areas of Africa have rightly set an example of how technology can actually work wonders.

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