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Drifters Season 2: Complete information right at your finger tips

“Drifters” is another name for anime which is based on the fantasy genre. It is a Japanese anime. Manga has been written by Kouta Hirano while the main protagonist of the whole story namely the author has completed the illustrations all by himself. 

There has been several series of publications which have been prominently published in a local magazine. Several shows have been aired as well. The shows relating with anime had been on air for few months right from October, 7, 2016 till December 23rd, 2016. 

Although, there has already been an announcement of second season of “Drifters” way back in 2016, but till now, it seems that there hasn’t been any breakthrough of the same. Yes, because there hasn’t been official confirmation. Therefore, let’s dive into the world of complete information we have regarding the same through the following post:-

Is there a renewal of “Drifters” for the second season?

The first season of “Drifters” was up in air on October, 7, 2016 and it came to conclusion on December 23rd, 2016. After the end of the first season, there has been an announcement for the renewal, but it seems that even after 4 years have passed, yet there hasn’t been any final update on when the release date will be there. 

Let’s specifically give you an idea about the “announcement line” which read post the end of season 1 finale “To be continued season. See you again. Tokyo 20XX. Sayonara.” Now, there were natural expectations from people that the show may well start within a year, even if maximum time is taken into account. However, that is not to be. Fans are waiting for the season as much as everyone who is hopeful that the season will get back on track soon. Since, their eyes are desperately eyeing for their favorite masked vigilante back on screen. 

When is an expected release date for second season?

There has been no official confirmation for the release date till the time. Having said that, the announcement has been made long time back at the show way back in 2016, but it seems time is taking its own course as there doesn’t seem to be any development in this regard. 

It is expected that the show’s main delay could be that of proper content which may be hindering the process of creating another season. Currently, there are only six volumes, while there have been four of those volumes in the first season and that means there are two more. Hence, based on the volume left, it is not sufficient as a whole for starting the new season. In order to add on to the woes, three OVA episodes have been on the centre of covering half of volume 5.

Even after the renewal of the show is announced, it is expected that we may have to wait for further new volumes to get into the release mode, before we can actually expect that the production of season 2 is up and there. 

Although, there is as optimistic news coming from manga’s author who is investing his time and energy as new chapters have found its release in January, 2020. 

Are there are any English dubbed episodes of Drifters for us?

Yes, if you are looking to watch English-dubbed episodes of the show, then you can watch on Funimation. 

What is the main plot of the show?

The plot centers around the story of Shimazu Toyohisa who hails from middle ages, but in the story it is shown that he is transported to a modern-day parallel world. 

On getting up from sleep, he is taken aback by being surrounded in a corridor which consists of hundreds of doors on either side. 

He didn’t get time to realize about the actual phase of the world which is full of fantastic beasts and people. While on the move, he also comes up with many warriors who join him. Likewise, based on the team he has got, all of them consist of the same ideology, that this world is bad as it is full of tyrants and hence, they have to do something in turn to get rid of them and free the oppressed. 

Are there any expectations of the trailer we can hear for the second season?

Although, the renewal date has been announced long time back, but with no development. Yes, we are optimistic of the same in near future. 

Is there any availability of spoilers?

There are no spoilers available for second season. Fans who haven’t been witness to the first season, can view it. Additionally, there is manga series where you can gain additional information and knowledge. 

Mention the main characters of the plot?

Shimazu Toyohisa – He is the main character of the show whose theme is centric to the real life one holding the identical name as he was a renowned Samurai fighter.
The story revolves around how Shimazu travels into the world of fantasy where he essentially becomes the part of Drifter and is under complete determination to safeguard people from tyrannical rule that is prevailing there. 

Nobunaga Oda – Profoundly referred as the brave Japanese warlord, Nobunaga is an ally to Shimazu in the fantasy world. He holds an important character in the show too. 

Yoichi Suketaka Nasu – Yochi is known and referred as a popular and historical Samurai figure. He is a studious and hardworking 19 year old man who was also in the team of Drifters with the same mission. He is studious and a true warrior who is capable of taking whole bunch of enemies under his capacity. 

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