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We all know about the name and fame that Allied wallet has created for itself in the digital payments industry at present. However, we have also heard quite a lot from the CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja regarding his journey wherein he has clearly mentioned that the success of the organisation did not happen overnight. It is all because of his hard work and strong determination that has helped the company reach such heights of success. In one of the interview sessions, we got to know about the journey of the CEO over the years and how he did make it so big. 

Dr Andy Khawaja’s childhood and journey of being an entrepreneur

Dr Andy Khawaja was not born as an entrepreneur nor was he having any kind of family background that was related to business but it was all because of his strong analytical power that made it happen over the years. In the interview session, we got to know quite a lot about the CEO and the fact that he did grow up in Lebanon as a kid. He came to America during his teenage and since then, he got into the job sector wherein he did pursue a hands-on experience of the retail business. It was for a couple of years that he was gaining knowledge over there and then he went on to running a chain of retail stores at different locations in the Beverly Hills on the Rodeo Drive. Later on, he moved on to work with the Las Vegas MGM. 

Internet and technology helped Dr Andy Khawaja pave his career as a CEO

Dr Andy Khawaja as mentioned in the interviews that he decided to come up with an online digital payments’ solution when he saw that internet and the technology had taken a major boom all across the world. Also, it was during his job in the retail sector that he got to know that there is a gap in the way people trade. Therefore, it became a necessity to have a secure medium through which people can make transactions at ease without having to bother about the security concerns. 

While the journey yielded him quite a lot of wealth and name, at the same time, there have been several challenges along the journey but he was the one to take through them. He learnt that he had to come up with a solution that could accept credit cards, while at the same time, his job was to ensure the safety and security of the users. The sole aim of his findings was to resolve the problem that people had to face to purchase and sell goods and services overseas, and then again, there were times, when people could not rely on the security of the online transactions. Definitely, Allied Wallet came up with the solution that resolved the troubles of the customers and thus, help them deal in money at their own convenience.

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