Dr Andy Khawaja highlights the perks of being a CEO

Dr Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet keeps on discussing the merits of being a CEO wherein he clearly states that it is not an easy job to become the CEO and work in such a strong leadership profile. He further states that a CEO has to see to the minute details of each and everything. He goes on adding onto it by saying that as the founder of Allied Wallet, his job is not only confined to the profits of the organization but at the same time, he has to look at the goals of his merchants as well as ensure that they are having no trouble in fulfilling their targets. Besides, he is constantly improving himself as he cannot afford his competitors to leave him and go! Besides, the merchants should have no issue regarding the reliability of the services. He even adds on to it saying that it is his primary job role to keep a check that all the requirements of the clients and customers of Allied wallet are being met, while at the same time, he notes the requirements of the people working at the organization. 

Dr Aandy Khawaja analysed the gap while working in the retail industry

Dr Andy Khawaja has rightly mentioned in a lot of publications that it is only when he had been working in the retail industry that he had got quite a lot of experiences. He got to analyse the gap. During his tenure at the job, he got to realize that it was not easy for the merchants and the customers to trade. The major reason for not being able to do so is for the fact that there was no reliable payment gateway that they had! As a result, the people had to struggle about making payments, and thus, exchange of goods became a big trouble for all of them. This is when he got an idea to do something in the digital payments industry and it is all because of his innovation that helped him fetch such a billion worth empire, the Allied Wallet. 

Dr Andy Khawaja has constantly been learning! 

Dr Andy Khawaja wanted to give a message to all the young entrepreneurs that they should never consider themselves to have learnt everything. It is important to understand that we can never learn enough! He says that the best way to keep growing is to ensure that you are constantly trying to upgrade and improve yourself in every possible ways. Dr Khawaja said that one of the biggest mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs do is that they fail to realize that they have got a long way to go! One should go on working and learning till the end of his life. He says that even if he is in the position of a CEO, he agrees to the fact that there’s a lot more left for him to learn.

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