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Download This Powerful Data Recovery Software For Your PC

Many times, users lose their essential data on their PC. It happens when users or some software deletes or corrupts data intentionally or unintentionally. Also, they lose their data due to the theft of a device. More reasons for data loss are software breakdown, computer viruses, natural disasters, and power failure. Many businesses also face this issue. It leads to losing essential files related to different projects. Nowadays, many people follow precautions to avoid losing data on a PC. You can create a backup of your data on your device. People store their backups on the cloud or an external hard drive. 

Also, remember to install a firewall and antivirus software to protect your data from hackers. People use Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to prevent data loss during power outages. Sometimes, the data is corrupted or deleted from the hard drive or secondary storage devices. In this case, you can use data recovery software. In this article, we will tell you about the best data recovery tool named iTop Data Recovery:

Best Data Recovery Software

You need the best data recovery software as it will help you recover deleted files on your computer. This tool will recover your files from the corrupted hard drive. Best data recovery software can recover deleted documents, videos, images, music, etc. Also, people can use the best data recovery software like iTop Data Recovery. This premium tool helps to recover deleted files Windows 10 in less time. It makes data recovery and backup easy and secure. People prefer the iTop Data Recovery tool because it recovers files after formatting a hard drive or a system crash. 

It just takes some mouse clicks for the recovery process through this tool. You do not need the help of an IT professional to get your deleted files back. A user can download the iTop Data Recovery tool from its official website and install it on a PC. Then, you need to select scan mode. After the scanning process, you can see a list of files. The software will show if you can recover these files or not. After that, click on the recover button if the recovery status is excellent or good. 

Reasons To Use iTop Data Recovery Tool

Below, you can check the advantages of the iTop Data Recovery tool:

  1. iTop Data Recovery software supports fast scanning for data recovery. It uses a recovery algorithm to recover your deleted files. Also, it takes some minutes to complete the recovery process on a computer. You can use location and file type filters to find lost data using the iTop Data Recovery tool.
  2. People use iTop Data Recovery software to face many data loss situations. This tool will help you recover files from a corrupted hard drive. Also, you can recover your documents and photos or videos deleted accidentally. iTop Data Recovery tool recovers data from memory cards, USB drives, and SSDs.
  3. iTop Data Recovery is the best tool as it provides safe offline data recovery. You do not need to register yourself to use this software. Your private videos, photos, and documents are safe as the recovery process happens offline through this tool. 
  4. iTop Data Recovery tool supports the recovery of audio, videos, and documents from 1000+ formats. Users can preview the files before recovering them. Also, you can recover these files from USB drives, SSDs, HDDs, Recycle Bin, memory cards, and more. 
  5. This tool provides up to a 95% success rate for data recovery. Also, you need to recover your files as soon as you delete them. Also, iTop Data Recovery provides the option of a free visualization preview of the deleted files. It also shows the recovery status of all your files like excellent, good, or poor. 

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