Download 9xmovies Android App

9xmovies Android App
9xmovies Android App

If you want to enjoy Ads free Surfing devoid of all sorts of popups, this is going to be one of the best deals for you!

App Features:

  1. No more website blocking.
  2. No popup ads to annoy you all the time.

App Releases

v1.0 – 9xmovies-V1.0.apk – 31/06/2019

v1.1 – 9xmovies-V1.1.apk – Coming Soon

Steps to install 9xmovies on your Android Phone

Simply, download the latest Apk from the above link.

  • Ignore Warning.

You may receive warning from the browser on downloading apk outside the playstore, just ignore it as long as you are downloading from the official site. 

  • Open 9xmovies apk file.

Open 9xmovies apk file once downloaded. 

  • Install the Apk File.

You can install the apk file in the notifications panel. Once your download is complete, just tap on the completed notification to install the app.

  • Did your install get blocked?

It might happen that your settings aren’t allowing you to install an apk outside the Play Store, you would see a popup in that case. Simply tap on SETTINGS and follow the next instructions.

  • Did you find any unknown Sources Error?

First, go to ‘Settings’ menu and then ‘Security’, then ‘Unknown Sources’ and turn it on.

  • Complete the Installation

You can complete the installation by going back to Downloads and open then open it from the downloaded files. Finally, complete the installation. Do not forget to turn off Unknown Sources once your installation process is complete. 

If your installation is completed, you will be notified with a message. Now, you’re good to go! When done, you can easily start accessing it from your Android device, and thus, start operating it. Enjoy using the app and you would love it for sure!

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