Does Chou Soran become Tenshi?

Soran knew about the “Kinko” curse and “Yougorai” techniques from childhood. He has much information about a series of aspects, quite notably where he even knows the use of the “Kitai Genryuu,” considered among the eight secret ancient techniques. However, now coming to the experience, his grandfather has always warned him not to practice them for others. While at first glance, he was simply a very average person, deep inside, he was delicate and sophisticated. 

It was a battle of fluctuating fortunes, and after an intense fight, the winner of the “Raten Tournament” was Chou Soran. When he defeats his opponent Reigyoku Chou to gain such a prestigious position, he will become the next Tenshi. However, as luck would have it, he opposed accepting the ceremonial Rules of Tenshi. 


Since he is not very sure about the prevailing “celestial laws,” he has to accept them to become the clan’s official leader; this also means that he will have to stop himself from enquiring to Rou Tenshi about the answers he was always desirous for. This creates a confrontation and uneasiness since he opposes accepting the terms. The scene shows utter chaos and commotion, as this is a matter of seriousness, given that the winner has refused to accept. 

It was a big win for Chou Soran to defeat Reigyoku Chou, though, as the latter was the last disciple of Rou Tenshi. Even though Reigyoku Chou used to respect his master and highly regarded him, his one mistake proved to be a blunder that stopped him from acquiring the “Yogorai” ancient technique.

Can soran beat houhou?

In the course of the event, Soran learns that Houhou is none other than the “Outsider” who has taken training from his grandfather. Since her grandfather permitted her to use his powers, now that she has defeated Houhou, Soran, as part of a verbal agreement, Soran has decided to be her servant from the moment.  

The first season shows how mysterious girl Fuu Houhou saves Chou Soran, which necessitates him to unearth the world of “Outsiders.” Both of them are now together to solve their “individual” and “specific” mysteries that they have within themselves as they join the “Raten tournament.” 

Houhou is a girl that has a broad aspect of mysteries attached to it. Adding to the most obvious criteria is that she is immortal and looks young her age. Having solid composure, she knows she can make her place through her charisma. She is a beautiful woman who has maintained a natural composure, even though she is dressed untidy, but that doesn’t lessen her beauty. 

What happened to the Outcast Season 3?

The Outcast is a Television series in collaboration with Chinese/Japanese anime. The Outcast Season 3 will be released on April 24, 2023. The new season has generated exciting and excellent reviews. Wang Xin is the series director, while  Shin Watanabe has written the screenplay. Though the series has gathered mixed reviews, many couldn’t relate to what was shown. That is something which is of concern for sure. The first season was released on July 9, 2016, and the second on July 9, 2018. 

Who is the protagonist in The Outcast?

Talking about Outcast, no other name can do justice to the significant role and importance that Cho Soran holds. Why? Since he has inherited ancient practices and techniques from his grandfather, which further makes him a center of attraction throughout the series. After all, it is said that greater responsibilities come with great power, and it perfectly fits him since his powers necessitate him to be on his toes while combating the challenges coming his way now and then. Undoubtedly, he plays the lead role shown with the testing times and how his witty thinking helped him rescue. 

The series begins with the projection that he is a regular college-going student who suddenly comes under tremendous chaos and confrontation. Why? Since he is entangled in the mayhem arising from a terrible incident in a small village. The scene begins while he is walking through a graveyard, Zombies start to pound on him, and the assaults on him are a concern. He has to do something in time to escape the scourge. However, when he is about to lose all hope, a mysterious girl comes to his rescue and bravely flaunts the sword, and she disappears after saving him. This sudden, unique, memorable, and untimely phase begins the changing scenario of the hero in the later part of the story. 

Who is the protagonist’s enemy?

The protagonist, Chou Soran, has enemies that are so atrocious that they can’t possibly think of anything better, even for a second. For this reason, he is an obvious target of the villain group, namely “Zensei,” whose leader is Ryu Kenken. The hostility comes to the fore during the Raten Tournament, which was the center of a long and arduous battle. 

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