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Do You Know Stephanie Assanti? How She Met Steven Assanti?

Steven Assanti had gotten many negative reviews after appearing on the TLC show My 600lb in season five. Most of the show’s viewers posted their negative comments and he was backlashed. He weighed 734lb in the front, and his brother, Justin Assanti, weighed 600lb. After this, Steven Assanti was kept under Surgeon Younan Nowzaradan’s supervision. The name Dr. Now also knows him. And he was responsible for taking care. However, Steven did not cooperate with him and cheated through his process, diet. He also humiliated his father and younger brother and threw temper tantrums. Dr. Now sent Steven to rehab after performing surgery on his sleeve. This was done after the end of the episode, followed by the Assanti brothers. When the show ended, up Assanti brothers parted away.

After then, Steven Assanti was not much active on any social media platform. On the other side, the activeness of Justin Assanti on these platforms got a boost. Also, Justin started losing weight, and he even lost over 200 pounds. Besides all these, Justin also started his own business. During this time, another report came into a trend that Steven got married to a woman named Stephanie Sanger. Stephanie was a massage therapist who Iowa had licensed.

Who is Stephanie Sanger?

Stephanie Sanger is a resident of Iowa. She is a 42-year-old lady who is also the mother of a teenage daughter. She had grown up in Iowa. Her graduate was completed from the ‘College of Natural Health,’ also located in Iowa. Since then, Stephanie used to work as a massage therapist. She also had been licensed. She secretly married Steven in 2018, and since then,n he has lived with her and her daughter. They remained silent since then.

Steven had not been in contact with his brother Justin. However, his father communicated with him, Stephanie, and her daughter. The Couple had not been dated for much longer, and they decided to get married. They only had attended their marriage ceremony as it was a secret wedding. Steven’s parents were not interested in his marriage, but he somehow accepted the Couple. Just like Steven, Stephanie also wanted to be away from this spotlight. But she couldn’t keep the secrecy any longer as she had posted both of their photos on her Facebook account.

How did the Couple meet?

Stephanie first saw Steven on the show just like any other viewer. To make it public, she posted on almost all social media platforms that she fell in love with Steven while she watched his show. She further added that she feels that he is her soul mate. She made it public through her social media account. And there it all began when she started to communicate with him there. She connected with him by joining an online video chat with him. Steven’s father informed TLC that he was moving to Iowa to live with her girlfriend after the show ended.

Steven’s father thought the relationship was just dubious and nothing more than that, but things happened unexpectedly to his father when they got a med. Stephanie revealed that Steven, in reality, is nothing like he is being portrayed in the show. In the front, he is described as being childish and arrogant. All this was for the sake of drama. She also said that everyone in his family adores Steven.

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