Digital Nomads: How Remote Work Can Change Your Life

Three decades ago only people of certain professions could allow themselves to work remotely. With the technological advances and the internet becoming more widespread, the range of occupations where people can work from home became even wider. And the Covid-19 pandemic turned remote work into a necessity. 

Previously, people complained about working at the office. While there are a lot of reasons why one may find working from the office uncomfortable, the most common reasons come down to the following aspects:

  • Office being uncomfortable;
  • Obnoxious colleagues;
  • Transit takes a long time;

But, after almost two years of working remotely, complaints about it are becoming more and more popular. It’s easier to get distracted when doing your job from home. You lack social interactions and you start experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out) at your job. And, as a result, your work-life balance suffers greatly.

But given that the pandemic is not going to last forever, remote work and studies will expand beyond doing everything from home. Website EssayPro offers coursework writing service, there’s a great chance that hired experts are working from any corner of the world. As remote work quite often means digital nomadism. 

Being a digital nomad means being location-independent. You can do your tasks at the coffee shops or on the beach, as you embrace modern technologies that allow you to embrace work and travelling. Your attitude to your job and life is going to change drastically. So, let’s check how being a digital nomad can change your life. 

Explore the World While Working

 Previously, you had to work most of the year to finally get your vacation, and then go to the retreat of your dreams. And that’s presuming you weren’t so exhausted that you would prefer to spend the vacation laying in bed and doing nothing. You had to spend some time convincing yourself that new impressions are worth leaving your house. 

Working while exploring a new country? The only option was to relocate. And that’s not exactly a dream vacation. An average tourist didn’t have much time to fully explore the country. Their main focus was work. Thus, most of the time you were exploring your office, rather than the country you’re living in. But things have changed since digital nomads became a thing. 

You no longer have to wait for your vacation to go somewhere. You can go to a different city, state, or even country. You can move to, let’s say, Bali and work from there as long as your visa allows you to. Just pick the place you feel most comfortable to work from and enjoy your stay. As soon as your job is done, you can go out and explore the world around you. 

You don’t need to search for a company that will offer you an opportunity to relocate. Certain countries already offer nomad residency. The ‘nomad visas’ were introduced in more than thirty countries already. You can go to Iceland, Thailand, Croatia, and Barbados and stay there for up to one year. 

Pick an Office

Some prefer to work in separate rooms, while others prefer open spaces. And while companies can offer both options nowadays, it’s still not enough. It’s way better when you can pick an office on your own. And you can do that being a digital nomad. 

Depending on the place you’re staying, you can opt for several options. If you feel comfortable working from home, you can easily do that with your laptop. But you can opt for coffee shops, parks, beaches, etc. Basically, any place that has a solid internet connection can become your office. 

And if you want to have an actual office, you can always find a coworking space. There you are most likely to run into fellow digital nomads. And remember, that none of these options requires you to be there every day. You can go to a different one each day. Or you can make a schedule and work out of a new location every day. 

It especially helps if you have a routine job. You can break the mundane by changing your workspaces. Thus, it is harder for you to get exhausted and start hating your job. No matter how monotonous your job is, you won’t notice it, as each day brings you something new, and you get to know new people and new things. 

Work-Life Balance

Another reason why so many people choose to be digital nomads is a better work-life balance. Working in the office has one strong point against remote jobs. As soon as you leave the office, you concentrate on other things that are important to you. Working from home has way more issues.

You are easily distracted. Every day starts with you promising yourself that you are going to work from 9 to 5, and then devote yourself to other things. But, then you get bored of silence, and you turn a TV on or a podcast. Or you decide to watch a movie while working. 

And each time the same thing happens. Even if you pick a movie that you know by heart, you start noticing things about it that you’ve never noticed before. And your focus switches. All in all, you easily get distracted and you end up working all day long. But, being a digital nomad will help you break up this vicious cycle. 

You’ll no longer get burnt out as quickly you’re doing your job. Each day will bring you new impressions from the country you’re staying in. You get to meet new interesting people and visit new exciting locations. You will no longer be content with the idea of work-life balance, and find it more or less irrelevant. 

Final Thoughts

After everything mentioned above, being a digital nomad may seem like a perfect thing. But, there are certain aspects without which you won’t make it. You need to have great social skills, otherwise travelling throughout the world requires a lot of communication with strangers. Secondly, digital nomads travel light, and not everyone finds it comfortable. 

Last but not least, being good at organising your life is a must. Yes, your job is no longer a routine, but you need to keep the balance. After all, working remotely often means being available only 24/7. Just don’t let yourself forget that regardless of how much it feels like a vacation, you’re still working. 

But if nothing of that is a problem for you, you surely have what it takes to dive into the life of a digital nomad. Just wait till the pandemic is completely over, and start opening new horizons, get a ‘nomad visa’, and travel to a new country whenever you feel like it.

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