Desperate Riders: Details you should know

Western films are often set in the American frontier, which is typically depicted as a place of violence. Desperate Riders follows this trend by telling the story of two men who struggle to escape from their life on the prairie. Desperate Riders was written and directed by George Totten, Jr., who had previously worked with John Wayne on The Searchers (1956).

The film stars Richard Widmark and Charles Bronson, who play the two leads. The story follows their journey west as they attempt to escape from a group of criminals that are after them. The film is notable for its action sequences, which were choreographed by Hollywood legend Yakima Canutt. Desperate Riders was released in 1957 and was a box office success. It has since been recognized as one of the best Westerns ever made.

Richard Widmark had previously starred in another Western, Shane (1953), which is often considered to be one of the greatest films of all time. Desperate Riders helped to cement his reputation as one of the leading actors in the genre.

Who is the cast in Desperate Riders?

The cast of Desperate Riders includes some of the biggest names in Hollywood at the time. Richard Widmark, who had previously starred in Shane (1953), plays the lead role of Matt Jensen. Other notable actors include Howard Duff, John Russell, and Peggie Castle. Desperate Riders was also the last film for veteran actor Rand Brooks. Desperate Riders is widely considered to be one of Widmark’s best films, as well as the greatest Western ever made.

Desperate Riders tells the story of Matt Jensen (Richard Widmark) and his band of Desperados who are on a mission to save their town from ruthless land baron Frank Griffin (Howard Duff). Along with Howard Duff, this movie stars other notable actors such as Peggie Castle, John Russell, and Rand Brooks.

What is the Plot of Desperate Riders?

The plot of Desperate Riders revolves around a group of criminals that are after Matt Jensen and his friends. They must ride west as fast as they can to escape from them. The action sequences were choreographed by Yakima Canutt, who was a legendary Hollywood stuntman. The actors in Desperate Riders include Richard Widmark, Howard Duff, Peggie Castle, John Russell, and Rand Brooks. Yakima Canutt was also involved in the movie as a stuntman. Desperate Riders was filmed at various locations in California. These included Lone Pine, Bishop Creek Canyon, Mammoth Lakes, and Inyo National Forest. This Western film is one of the few movies to be shot in that area.

The story of Desperate Riders takes place soon after Matt Jensen and his friends have saved the stagecoach from robbers. However, another group of outlaws follows them and tries to rob them. These outlaws are led by Curly Bill Brocius and his gang. Brosius is a famous Western outlaw who has been involved in many robberies and shootouts. Desperate Riders also stars Lane Chandler and Katherine DeMille. Chandler was well-known at the time for his work in Westerns. DeMille was the daughter of Cecil B. DeMille, one of Hollywood’s most famous directors. The cast and crew of Desperate Riders pose for a photo after filming wrapped up. In the back row, from left to right: Hal Roach (producer), Lane Chandler, Harry Lauter, Bob Kortman, unidentified stuntman; second row: Katherine DeMille, John Elliott (director).

Reviews on Desperate Riders

Desperate Riders is known to be one of the lesser-known Westerns and some credit that fact with its ratings. Desperate Riders has been criticized for not having enough action scenes like other Western films do. On the other hand, Desperate Riders does offer audiences a more complex film with several different characters who are all fighting against each other in their own way rather than just being on two sides as good or evil.

Desperate Riders was originally going to star Steve McQueen but ended up starring David Carradine instead since he had signed a contract for making another movie at that time period so they could only use him if his schedule allowed it – which it didn’t until later when McQueen became unavailable due to filming The Tower.

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