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Derry Girls Season 3: What Fans Should Know About It

The second season of the show was released in March and April 2019. Though, the production houses were not able to air the third and the final season of Derry Girls. The delay in production was caused by Covid 19 pandemic. Get to know everything about Derry Girls Season 3.

The Channels are back with the most awaited season of the show. And this time, our favorite characters are going to face a tough time. The comedy show has gathered a huge fan base.

Derry Girls is finally back for a third season! If you are not familiar with this show, we’ll give you the low-down. Derry Girls is a sitcom created and written by Northern Irish writer Lisa McGee. It is produced by British production company Hat Trick Productions. Now, the only thing we have to do is wait for the release date of Derry Girls Season three!

Derry Girls Season 3 Will be Released Soon

The Derry Girls show made us wait for almost 1 year. Lisa McGee shared with the media recently that this season will be the last season for the show.

This came as exciting as well as sad news for the fans. Since the show was such a huge success, we were expecting more seasons to come. However, Lisa decided that it’s time to say goodbye and give other great shows the chance!

Though the declaration for the release date has not been made yet. We can still expect the show to release by the end of the year. It would be great if the show could release in 2021. But the beginning of 2022 is still a good option too.

Derry Girls season 3: Release date, cast and trailer | BT TV

Viewers are very excited to see what will happen to Erin and her friends! They want more of their lives and various adventures which we know they will get. Since Lisa shared that this season might focus on some other main characters as well.

The Cast for Derry Girls Season 3 Will Remain Almost the Same

Though we do not have any confirmed news about the cast for season 3. We can be almost positive that most of the stars from season two will return. We know for sure that Derry Girls has no problem keeping big-name actors on board. Since Saoirse Monica Jackson and Dylan Llewellyn are already signed onto the next installment!

Saoirse will reprise her role as Erin Quinn and Dylan will continue to play James Maguire. We will have some other big names taking over roles as well. As Lisa has stated that two of the characters will also be recast, but no one knows which ones!

Nicola Coughlan will also return as Clare Devlin. Along with Jamie-Lee O’Donnell as Michelle Mallon and Louisa Harland as Orla McCool.

We might see some reshuffling in the cast as well. But, we know that James and Erin will still be around. What we don’t know is which actor or actress will take on some of our favorite roles.

We also expect to see a lot more guest stars in season three as well. We’re sure Lisa has some big names up her sleeve!

Unfortunately, Derry Girls is hitting the climax. We have no idea who or what is going to happen in season three but that just makes us even more excited! We are also very interested in seeing how their lives change as they grow up and leave home. So we’ll see you next year Derry Girls!

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