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Departure Season 3 Release Date, Plot & Everything You Need To Know

One of the most anticipated TV shows returning this year is Departure. Season 3 has been rumored to premiere, but there’s no official date yet. Departure will be back on Netflix with a third season that follows the aftermath of the Departure and its effect on family dynamics. Departed had a great first two seasons, so fans are excited to see what happens next!

The release date of Departure Season 3:

So far, we don’t have any official release date for Departure Season 3. If everything goes right and no obstacles occur in between, we hope to see another season sometime in 2022.

The cast of Departure Season 3:

  • Archie Panjabi as Kendra Malley
  • Mark Rendall as Theo
  • Christopher Plummer as Howard Lawson
  • Kris Holden-Reid as Dom Hayes
  • Kelly McCormack as Charlotte
  • Karen LeBlanc as Ellen Hunter

The plot of Departure Season 3:

The show follows Kendra Malley and a disaster investigation every season. Henceforth, in Departure Season 3 as well Kendra will deal with one such case and unfold it in all terms.

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In the first season, we saw her solving the mystery of a lost plane, BGA716, under all circumstances. She joins on board and assists the crew in relocating the missing flight.

On the other hand, in Departure Season 2, she was seen solving the mystery of an automated train, Apollo, that crashed on its way from Toronto to Chicago.

However, in both the seasons, audience got ample thrill, mystery, political cover-ups, disasters, etc. In season 3, we can expect to see Kendra doing his job in the US as a team with Ellen Hunter as she has teamed up with him in season 2.

Howard’s health was deteriorating in the second season, and the talented actor has recently passed away, so we get to hear the sad news in the third season. On the other side, the son of Kendra will be shown.

Is Departure Season 3 worth watching?

Departure Season is worth watching if you are a fan of Departure and the show has always managed to deliver entertainment.

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