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Date A Live Season 4: Everything You Need To Know About It

Table of Contents Hide What is the plot of date a live season 4?Who will be starring in date a live season 4?What is the other information related to it? In March, it was announced that a fourth season of Date A Live is coming. In the announcement, there was also a picture of Shido…

In March, it was announced that a fourth season of Date A Live is coming. In the announcement, there was also a picture of Shido and TohkaYatogami. They are Tohka when she is in her Inverse form. Once translated, the Tweet confirms that the new season will start this October. All the information about Date A Live Season 4.

There is no word about when the new season of anime will air. But people can likely find it on the streaming site Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is an online service that has some shows for free. This website also has shows that are for members only.

What is the plot of date a live season 4?

They don’t know what the plot is. But there are some seasons before this one that used light novels. People can get five more light novels to read, and they might get a new season too. Those who have read the book can expect to meet NiaHonjou and MukuroHoshimiya. They are the ninth and tenth spirits that Shido will attempt to work his charms on. There is a struggle in the book when Shido tries to seal Mukuro’s powers, but her possessive nature makes it hard. Kurumi Tokisaki, who wants Shido’s powers, comes back. And Shido tells his friends about what he’s going to do with them.

Both people who like Kōshi Tachibana and Tsunako’s work and those who only watch the anime are probably excited to see what happens next.

Who will be starring in date a live season 4?

I don’t know who will be in the show “Date a Live” because new characters from the light novels might be introduced. However, it is safe to expect that the voice actors – both Japanese and English – for the main characters, Spirits, members of the Ratatoskr-resolving organization will reprise their roles.

Date a Live Season 4 Key Visual (Full Quality): datealive

This will include

  • Nobunaga Shimazaki (Haruka in “Free: Eternal Summer”)
  • Josh Grelle (Fumikage in “My Hero Academia”) as ShidoItsuka;
  • Marina Inoue (Armin in “Attack on Titan”)
  • Michelle Rojas (Mion and Shion in “Higurashi: When They Cry”) as both Tohka and TenkaYatogami;
  • AyanaTaketatsu (Azusa in “K-ON!”) and Bryn Apprill (Krista in “Attack on Titan”) as KotoriItsuka;
  • MisuzuTogashi (Kaori in “Haikyuu!”) and Michelle Lee (Sumire in “Assassination Classroom”) as Origami Tobiichi;
  • AsamiSanada (Dejiko in “Di GiCharat”) and Alexis Tipton (Honey in “Space Dandy”) as Kurumi Tokisaki;
  • and TakehitoKoyasu (Pesche in “Bleach) and J. Michael Tatum (“Kyoya in Ouran High School Host Club”) as KyōheiKannazuki.

If you like anime, you might know the show “Date A Live.” It started as a book written by Kōshi Tachibana and illustrated by Tsunako. She is known for designing games for the PlayStation. One of her games is called “Date A Live: Rinne Utopia.” There are many different ways to see the story. There is a manga, a movie, and an anime.

First airing in 2013, “Date A Live” is set in Eurasia. It is a place that has spatial quakes. The first one killed many people. A group of people came from another world and caused big earthquakes. Shido Itsuka, a high school student, has the power to seal the power of these people. He must seal their powers to stop the earthquakes that they cause. However, he can only do that if he kisses the Spirit. He needs to make sure the Spirit loves him.

The anime has been well-received. People have liked the animation, the plot, and even the comedy. One reviewer said that it is 11/10 for a story, 11/10 for art, 11/10 for comedy, and 100/10 for Kurumi. I know that some people want to see Shido and Kurumi.

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