Cover of Silicon Review, Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Featured as Creator of the Cloud

CEO Andy Khawaja of Allied Wallet is basically regarded as a global leading provider in the genre of online credit card processing. Recently, this man worth the multi-billion dollars, was featured on the cover of Silicon Review. This feature was published in an article that was entitled as the “The Creator of the Virtual Wallet and Eventually the Cloud.” Talking about his achievements, the CEO Andy Khawaja, of Allied Wallet was showcased in different publications all across the globe. He has been known for his contributions to technological advancement. Not just this, his fans also know him for his best rated company practices. Well, the spell of this man doesn’t just end here, he is also known for his humanitarian efforts.

Andy Khawaja – Kingpin of the E-commerce space

Andy Khawaja is referred to as a “kingpin of the e-commerce space” in this issue of the Silicon Review. He is also recognized as the creator of the “cloud.” Andy Khawaja had created a service model almost 10 years back from now, wherein he began backing up, managing, and maintaining secure, private data available over a certified PCI Level 1 secured system. Of course, this was not an easy deal, but at the same time, it formed the gateway of payment services.

A top-notch team of Allied Wallet: Sparked a shift in technology

The CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja put together a top-notch team to bringing this innovative payment gateway to life and thus, build a vision. He further said that he did overcome this challenge and indeed, he has been proud of Allied Wallet to put in their efforts, and thus, taking this company forward.

The contributions that the CEO Andy Khawaja and Allied Wallet have put in the field of technology enabled the organization to produce the state-of-the-art online payment services for websites. Allied Wallet is primarily meant to protect the payments for online shoppers and business owners alike. Andy Khawaja’s vision, and influence sparked a shift in the field of technology. On a wider scale, it paved the way for e-commerce merchants, and also on the service providers on a global basis.

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