Councilman Costello Walks Out of Baltimore City Police Budget Hearing

Tension Rises as Costello Leaves Hearing

In a dramatic turn, tensions rose during a Baltimore City Police budget hearing as Councilman Eric Costello walked out, stating that he was “done with this” after a heated exchange with Police Commissioner Michael Harrison over proposed budget cuts to the department.


The move came as Harrison was defending the proposed budget cuts, which include a reduction in funding for the department’s helicopter unit, among other cuts. Costello, who chairs the city council’s budget committee, expressed frustration with the cuts, stating that they would negatively impact public safety.

Costello’s Departure Sparks Controversy

Costello’s departure has sparked controversy among fellow council members, with some calling it disrespectful towards the police commissioner and the hearing process. Others have defended Costello, stating that he had a right to voice his concerns and leave if he felt his concerns were not being heard.

The incident has raised questions about the effectiveness of police budget hearings and the relationship between the police department and city council. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story. (source: WBAL-TV 11 News)

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