Constellium Announces Plans To Move U.S. Offices To Baltimore

On Wednesday, Constellium US Holdings II LLC, a European-based manufacturer of aluminum, announced it would move its U.S. corporate offices to Baltimore.

The company is in the process of moving workers from its existing offices in New York to its new office at 300 East Lombard Street. By the end of 2018, Constellium plans have 25 senior executive and management employees based there.

In an agreement to keep the jobs in Baltimore through 2025, the city approved a conditional loan of $150,000 to support the relocation.

Constellium Additionally, Constellium has corporate offices in Switzerland, Paris and now Baltimore, its headquarters are based in Amsterdam. Constellium aluminum products are utilizes in automotive, packaging and aerospace industries.

According to the company’s website, it operates a total of 24 manufacturing locations, including its Ravenswood Plant in West Virginia, which houses approximately 1,000 workers.

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