Colombian Women You Might Meet On Dating Sites

Colombian women or Latina in general are considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. In Colombia, if there is a rating system for women’s attractiveness from 1 – 10, where ‘10’ is the highest, you can see a lot of 9s and 10s even in non-socialite areas. Going there personally might be a stretch but thankfully reliable online dating platforms do exist.

Many foreigners are encouraged to grab an opportunity to be in a relationship with a Colombian. If you are new to online dating and have a little background on Colombian women, here are the things that can help you a lot.

Top Colombian Dating Sites

To have greater chances of meeting a Colombian girl online, you need a reliable dating website, right? Here are 5 of the best Colombian dating sites that can truly help you in your quest for romance.


One of the advantages of this website is its simple design. From signing up to the communicator with a built-in translator and to a wide range selection of profiles, this website is absolutely great for beginners and convenient for seasoned individuals.


Another simple-to-use dating site, this has more focus on finding ladies from Latin American countries. The feature makes it the NO.1 choice for people who want to marry Latin brides. If you want a Colombian girl with a specific type of personality or likes, the search results will give you accurate matches.

  1. Badoo

This site is more of a social media platform rather than one of the Colombian dating sites. However, with their profile verification process requiring photos of one’s self at multiple angles, it is safe to say that this platform is for meeting interesting strangers. The advantage it has over other dating sites on the list is that there is no need for additional payment to utilize the messaging tools.

  1. OkCupid

It is one of the most popular dating sites, not only for Colombian girls but also for other races. One useful feature is that upon signing up, relevant questions will be asked in which it can provide more accurate matches. This website host profiles from individuals mostly from ages 18 to 34 years old.

Types Of Colombian Women Online

Once you have signed up for a dating site, here are the typical Colombian women you might encounter regardless of age, status in life, or belief.

  1. Traditional

The majority of the Colombian women you will encounter are traditional. This means that the common qualities of a Latina applies to them and are relevant even virtually. It will be typically shown in the way they communicate with you and how the progress of your conversation carries on.

If you have seen most of the roles of the Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara, you might have a gist of what a Colombian lady is like in person. In case you are not familiar with the traits of a traditional Latina, here are the following:

  • They are passionate.

These girls will be showy about their feelings. If they like the guy, the actions can be obvious expressing how much they are attracted to. It can be seen as a healthy balance between being needy and sensitive.

  • They are brave.

Being in a country with a history of numerous difficulties, most citizens there are battle-tested and inherently brave. Expect that a traditional Colombian girl can be strong-willed and that can be reflected depending on the topics of your conversations.

  • They are family-oriented and religious.

The majority of Colombia’s population is Roman Catholic. Their religiousness is evident in their practices and chances are that the Colombian you meet online might have a strong sense of faith. Aside from that, her upbringing is probably great due to the tightness of the family bond she has. In short, a traditional Colombian girl is well-mannered.

  • They are highly interactive.

Dancing and talking are some of the things that come naturally from a Latina and sometimes they can be excessive. Even though you will be meeting virtually, by the time you are in the same frequency, interaction can go from words to videos. You might be hearing story after story, question after question. Aside from that, you can have a dance-off too and be more playful with the camera.

Mostly, you can find abundant of this type of a Colombian woman on middle-aged adults or those who are not constantly hooked to technological devices. They can take their time before being comfortable and once they do, you will be really grateful for it.

  1. Open-minded

Open-minded Colombian girls are more liberated than the traditional ones in the Colombian dating sites. Make no mistake, they also possess familiar traits but they are more welcoming to the idea of getting to the point and moving fast in a relationship. They tend to believe in seizing the moment once the opportunity presents itself right away.

This type of girl is more active in social media and probably has more people in their social circle both in real and virtual life. She might have seen a lot of types of men and she understands what she wants.

If she likes you initially, then you are very lucky but if she’s skeptical, then you might need more creative yet sincere ways to gain her attention. Mostly, the girls belonging to this type are late teens and young adults, or what we commonly call ‘Millennials’.

  1. Mysterious

It may be not that common but there are introverted Colombians too. They are not so communicative about themselves or curious about yourself, but once you find that common interest with a stroke of luck, then you might unlock the real her and can share a greater portion of yourself.

It may require a certain amount of patience and effort but eventually, being persistent can help in easing things up. She might be that way due to her being defensive or cautious about the people online, which is only understandable.


Colombian dating sites are definitely helpful in scoring a date or build a relationship with a Colombian girl. Always take note of their common traits but don’t stereotype. Have a mindset that every Colombian girl is unique from the other and you can use the familiar traits as great ice-breakers or conversation-starters.

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