COD Season 7 Release Date And Update: When Can You Expect The Season 7 COD Mobile Update?

COD Season 7 Release Date And Update: When Can You Expect The Season 7 COD Mobile Update?

Yes! We are talking about the second most popular game after the Pubg that is COD(Call of Duty). The fans are eagerly waiting for season 7 of COD but the news is coming out by the officials that it is postponed due to the amid of corona virus. As per the announcement came before the COVID 19 that the COD season 7 is launching on 6 June. But recently the organization canceled the date of launching. Heartbreaking for fans of COD.

The delay of Call of Duty season 7 was announced on the official twitter account of Call of Duty: mobile. The given statement on twitter was” Right now it’s time for those speaking up for equality, justice, and change to be seen and heard”. The company said that this is not the perfect time for the new season to come.

When will COD Mobile Season 7 start?

The new Season of COD Mobile i.e Season 7 was going to be launched on June 6, 2020, before the pandemic encounters the world. But, the current scenario does not support the fan’s love towards the game. The upcoming COD mobile update is currently expected to be released in a couple of weeks. So the COD fans can expect the Call of Duty season 7 update to come out on dates such as 12 June or 19 June. As if compared the earlier seasons so they mostly come on Thursdays so we are expecting the same this time.

What is new and interesting for fans in the COD Mobile Season 7 update?

The delay in the release date of season 7 does not make the fans too happy. But it really matters what the new features and new things will introduce in season 7 before the launch. The fans are very excited to play the amazing game with new features updated on it. For them, the organization released the list of new features that will be introduced in it and encountered by the fans. So here are the new features.

  • New Map Tunisia
  • Kill Confirmed and more new modes
  • HBR for free
  • Battle Royale Map expansion

These are the new features that will be encountered by the fans in the Battle Royale game COD. Apart from the COD, there are many other games like Modern Warfare and Warzone that have also been postponed due to pandemic. June 3 is the date of launching Modern Warfare whereas there is no official date and news came for the Warzone. Activision declared that all the released dates have been pushed forward and will be launched in the later dates.

For a more new update and launching date of the games, stay with us and stay tuned.


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