It’s been over a year since the first Coco movie hit theaters and many people are wondering if there will ever be another one. Will There Be A Coco 2? Are we able we see Miguel, Héctor, and Dante again? Will it be as amazing as the first one? Well here is everything you need to know about Will There Be A Coco 2!

What is the release date of A Coco 2?

There is no official confirmation on when there will be a sequel to Coco. It would be difficult to guess, but it might come out in 2023. It seems like five years is enough time to do this.

What is the plot of A Coco 2?

The first film, like all movies, ended on a happy note. Miguel returned to the land of the living and Hector’s legacy was restored. And then he had a happy end with performing for all his family members – living and dead. The ban on music from his family was lifted at the end of the movie. The film is about the Mexican tradition of Día de Muertos. The filmmakers made the film because they love Mexico. They are writing a letter to Mexico about how beautiful it is, and they are talking about all the things in Mexico that make it special.

The people in Mexico were kind and they liked the movie, Coco. They gave a lot of money to the film. When they make a new movie, it should have some of those same things from the first one. The film could tell other Mexican legends like the Cinco de Mayo or the Son Jarocho. But I don’t think it would be a good idea to change what made the first film successful. I hope there will be a sequel. I want to see what happens, but I’m not in it.

The sequel could happen a few years after the first film. Miguel’s baby sister might go on an adventure and this time, Miguel is just a mentor. If the film was to have a time shift of five or six years, it would take that much time for the Coco 2 sequel.

What can we expect?

Anthony Gonzales said, “If there was a chance, I would love to. I hope there’s a sequel even if I’m not in it. I just want to know about Miguel – what he’s up to and what he’s doing with his new baby sister.” The 15-year-old actor who voices Miguel in the film also gives us an idea of where the sequel might go.

If the time shift is not too much, Miguel could be the protagonist in a new adventure to the land of the dead. Gonzales would like to be in the movie again. Disney has not said that he will, but it would be nice. Even if Miguel and his sister are grown up, we should still see them together. We do not know what other details about the film we can find out yet though because it is not confirmed yet. On the internet, there have been theories about a movie. The IMDb thread caught on because it had a saucy story about what would happen in the second movie. It will take place six years after the first movie and everything is not good in that land of dead people. Miguel’s family is seeking help to live. They are in danger and need refuge. A Zorro-like man comes to the rescue. In this article, the author is talking about how music must triumph over all odds. He talks about a sequel, but he also warns that it isn’t official yet.

Who will be starring in A Coco 2?

The movie had many colors. Mostly it has people from Mexico. It made the movie more real when Anthony said his words in Spanish. I liked when he said “miguel” in Spanish because I can say that too! Gael García Bernal played the role of Héctor in Coco. AlannaUbach is Mamá Imelda, Renée Victor is Abuelita, Ana Ofelia Murguía is Mamá Coco, Edward James Olmos played Chicharrón and Alfonso Arau is Papá Julio. Selene Herbert Sigüenza will play Tíos Oscar and Felipe, Miguel’s late identical twin uncles, Jaime Camil will play Papá, Miguel’s father, Sofía Espinosa will play Mamá, Miguel’s mother. Luis Valdez will reprise his role from the first film. This book completes the Rivera family’s family tree. It is about living and dead people.

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