Classroom problems and solutions for them

With a classroom filled with different types of students, natures, attitudes, intelligence, and behavior, teaching is not an easy task. For effective teaching, imparting quality education, and making students academically and personally successful, teachers face several classroom issues. Let us discuss some common problems that a teacher faces. We will also be discussing the solutions for the same to tackle the classroom problems and teach better. 

Classroom problems and tips for teachers to solve them 

Problem 1 – low student participation in classes 

With monotonous teaching practices, students feel bored, less attentive, and less engaged in the classes. A classroom where the teacher only lectures and explains and students simply listen, becomes quite boring and less interesting for students. Also, simply reading textbooks and doing back exercises of the lessons is not fun for students. 

All these teaching practices affect student participation in the classrooms.  Because of this, they lose their attention, focus and get distracted from the classes. With less class participation, effective teaching and learning are not carried out. This affects teaching as well as learning growth respectively. 

Solution: use technology

If you as a teacher face this problem in your classroom, the best solution to this problem is using technology in the classroom. Today’s generation of students enjoy technology a lot and introducing this in the classroom is a great idea. With the help of the best app for online teaching and other networking sites and youtube, teachers can access many audiovisual tools for teaching. 

For example, PowerPoint presentations, modules, online quizzes, and riddles can be accessed from an online app to teach students. Teachers can also use educational videos from youtube. This will make classes interesting for students. With more interest, students will understand and participate more. 

Problem 2 – inappropriate behavior of the students. 

In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. Some are very disciplined and never use any foul or abusive language. But there are some students as well who are very mischievous, naughty, and have poor behavioral qualities. Such students not only affect their classroom learning and performance but also disturb the whole classroom environment and the learning of other batchmates. Teachers find dealing with such students challenging too. 

Solution-  set and give disciplinary instruction for students 

The best solution to the problem of inappropriate behavior of some students is to create disciplinary measures for the classroom. Set the rules and instructions which you expect your students to do. For example, not talking to one another during the classes, not using any abusive means for communication, respecting teachers and other batchmates, avoiding bullying, avoiding ragging, and not practicing any form of physical abuse and fights are the basic rules that teachers should create for the classes. After setting these rules, instruct the students in detail. Keep checking the students whether they are following the disciplinary measure or not. If you still face these problems, consult their parents and senior authorities of the school. 

Problem 3 –  students being less accountable

All classroom duties and responsibilities are not meant for teachers only. For effective education, it is important for students to be accountable. A major classroom problem that all teachers face is less accountability among learners. For example, a student has a duty of doing homework and assignments and submitting the same on time. But students avoid this. Late submissions and poor quality of work affect teachers as well. It gets difficult for teachers to maintain timely homework records and grades of the students. 

Solution – spread awareness, give easy tasks to work 

To overcome this problem, teachers must make students aware of the benefits of being responsible. Teach them that by completing their responsibilities they will perform better academically. Along with this, give easy and short homework and assignments to the students. So that they can finish and submit the same promptly. 

Problem 4 –  low participation in extracurricular activities 

Along with the curriculum, extracurricular activities are equally important for students. But many students are reluctant to participate in extracurricular activities. The sluggish and conservative nature, less enthusiasm, and laziness reduce their participation in co-curricular activities. This affects their academic as well as co-scholastic grades.

Solution –  have options to select, teach them the importance of co-curriculum. 

By using ERP, which is an enterprise resource planning software, teachers must have some options for extracurricular activities so that students can select them as per their preference and interest. 

Dance, music, sports, aerobics, swimming, art, and craft are a few such examples. Along with this spread awareness among students about the importance and benefits of extracurricular activities. Better physical health, mental well-being, teamwork, collaborative skills, and academic scores respectively are a few such benefits.


 All the above-mentioned information tells us about the problems that a teacher faces in a classroom. We also discussed the solutions to these problems. By using and following these solutions, teachers can effectively handle the classroom problems and make classes more meaningful and beneficial for students. 

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