Choosing Women’s Jewelry for Each Life Phase

Most women love jewelry, and it’s a relationship that starts soon after birth. Girls may initially be attracted to the sparkle, but they soon learn that choosing the right pieces allows them to express individuality, alter their appearance, and get a boost of confidence. Unlike some relationships, a woman’s love affair with jewelry is usually lifelong and very rewarding. It is also ever-changing. What is appropriate for a 10-year-old is not suitable for a teen or older lady. As women age, they also use jewelry to enhance their good points and draw the eye away from other areas. Fortunately, jewelers offer dozens of selections that are ideal for every life phase.

Dainty Works Best for the Very Young

While it is not safe for infants and toddlers to wear jewelry (they put things in their mouths), some parents have their baby girls’ ears pierced and buy studs for them. If parents decide to do that, it is best if very young children wear jewelry for short periods of time and only under supervision. However, once they are a little older, most kids can safely wear all sorts of lovely accessories.

By the time girls are five to ten years old, they usually enjoy bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Parents can find selections at children’s stores, and there are more available at Adina’s Jewels online. Dainty pieces are best for young children because they do not overwhelm small features. Many girls have their ears pierced at this stage and begin wearing a variety of stud earrings.

Tween and Teens Have Their Own Style

Pre-teen and very young teenage girls are often called tweens, a group of young ladies who usually have definite ideas about their jewelry. Many of the things they choose at this stage translate well into their later teen years, and girls may even wear favorite pieces well into their early 20s. Some trending pieces for the age group include:

  • Mermaid bracelets made with colorful beads
  • Layered anklet chains
  • Multicolored knot bracelets
  • Charm necklaces with hearts and stars
  • Colorful earring sets in a variety of shapes and designs
  • Lucky charm necklaces

Twenty-Somethings Should Own a Few Classics

Women in their 20s are often developing signature fashion styles that include preferred jewelry. Twenty-somethings usually don’t focus on spending a lot of money on jewelry because many are still in school or working at starter jobs. They have little time and not a lot of money. They may not have reached the jewelry-as-an-investment stage of life, but many still manage to acquire some essential pieces.

According to Vogue, every girl should own a versatile statement necklace and timeless pair of earrings before she reaches 30. These mini collections need at least one sentimental piece that celebrates a milestone like starting a career or a special relationship. This also the time to buy an heirloom piece that will last a lifetime.

Essential Pieces for Women in their 30s

By their 30s, most women have settled into careers, and 20-something trends no longer interest them. Their tastes are beginning to change to suit altered lifestyles, and most can now afford better jewelry. It is often a time to put away some inexpensive, fun pieces and buy “real” jewelry.

Around 30, women may want to look more mature, which affects their style choices. They opt for quality over quantity. Most start buying classic pieces like diamond studs or the utterly perfect gold chain. Jeweled rings, pearls, and gold bracelets fit their work-to-evening fashion requirements.

Jewelry Helps Make 40 Fabulous

Lifestyle website Pure Wow suggests that every woman should own some serious jewelry by age 40. Fashionistas need a classic timepiece, signet ring, and a cuff that goes from wedding receptions to work.

Many women in this age group already have engagement and wedding rings as well as families, so they tend to downplay jewelry. Despite their busy lives, they are at an age where fun, flirty pieces are still appropriate. Fashion professionals say, “Go for it,” and splurge on at least a few eye-popping items that reflect their personalities. Grownup jewelry doesn’t have to be dull. Classic dangly earrings are just as adult as diamond studs, and it never hurts to own an eye-popping statement ring just for fun.

The Right Pieces Ad Glam to Women Over 50

By the time they reach their 50s, many women have a collection of timeless pieces they depend on for every occasion. However, no one is too old for a stunning cocktail ring, gemstone earrings, or a birthstone pendant.

The key to wearing jewelry at this stage is choosing pieces that neither look too young nor add years. Women should opt for classic styles in metals that complement their skin tones. Ladies with cool undertones look best in silver, while gold flatters those with warmer skin tones. Earrings should be small and light. It’s best for this age group to wear too little jewelry rather than too much. As with any other life phase, women should opt for pieces that match their signature style.

A few things for 50-something women to keep in mind include:

  • Hoop earrings are always a good idea
  • It’s best to mix and match pieces (matching sets can age a girl)
  • Avoid wearing more than three big accessories
  • Be careful about large rings as they don’t suit every woman
  • Wear bright accessories with neutral clothing and vice versa

Older Women Can Still Rock Jewelry

There is no doubt that younger women can wear almost any jewelry, but that doesn’t mean women in their 60s and beyond can’t dazzle in the right pieces. For one thing, classic choices like diamond studs make every woman look good. However, a few “dos” and “don’ts” can maximize mature women’s looks.

Chokers are not a good idea because they draw attention to the chin, but long women’s diamond chains are perfect. Opt for styles that fall below the collarbone to draw attention from the jawline. Gemstone jewelry can highlight a woman’s best features and bring out the color in beautiful eyes. Heirloom pieces add elegance and sparkle to mature women’s clothing, and well-chosen bracelets can inject fun and flair.

Jewelry can add beauty, elegance, and pleasure to every phase of a woman’s life. Jewelers offer pieces that are perfect for young girls, tweens, and teens. There are timeless styles appropriate for twenty and thirty-somethings and grown-up jewelry that is ideal for ladies in their 40s and 50s. As women reach their 60s and beyond, classic jewelry can help them create dazzling signature looks.

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