Choosing the right misting machine for a restaurant

Restaurant owners are investing a large amount of money in the decor, menu, and marketing of their restaurant, hoping to make it a success. The profit of a restaurant depends to a large extent on the number of customers. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, a large number of restaurants have been closed, resulting in major financial losses for the business owner. Hence the owners are interested in finding methods to keep their restaurant open, infection-free, and safe for customers and staff. Using the best disinfecting mist machine for restaurants can help destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes so that customers do not fall sick due to virus infection after they visit the restaurant. There are a large number of products available for disinfecting properties, and some of the features of the top-rated mist machines for disinfecting are discussed below.

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Typically for disinfecting a surface, the disinfectant liquid will be sprayed on it and then wiped. However, this method is not very effective in destroying the covid-19 virus, since it is an airborne virus, which is released in the air when the person is speaking or breathing. Hence it is advisable to use a mist machine that releases ultra-small particles which settle on the viruses and other air-borne microbes to destroy them. Using a mist machine ensures that the harmful microbes which are airborne as well as on the surface are destroyed, to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.


Another consideration while choosing a misting machine is to find out the range of viruses and bacteria it will act on. In addition to the covid-19 virus, there are a large number of disease-causing microbes like bacteria, viruses, fungi. The misting machine should act on the most widespread and dangerous microbes present, to prevent infection. Typically a well-designed quality misting machine will act on at least 30 different types of bacteria, viruses. The seller of the misting machine should be able to provide a list of the microbes which the misting machine will destroy to the restaurant owner.


While manual misting machines are available, using them is time-consuming. Hence most restaurant owners are interested in automated machines, which will automatically mist the restaurant based on the frequency and intensity programmed. The automated machines are designed based on the size of the restaurant seating area, floor area, and height. When the restaurant is full, the concentration of harmful microbes in the air will usually be higher so the intensity of the misting should be increased. In contrast for empty restaurants, the intensity of the misting can be reduced.

Other features

In addition to eliminating the harmful microbes, the misting machine should also remove unpleasant odors from the air, so that the restaurant air is clean and fresh. The misting solution should be non-corrosive, non-toxic, it can be used on electronics, food, and other items without damaging them. The solution should also not cause allergies. Wall-mounted misting machines are usually preferred since they do not take up valuable floor space in the restaurant.

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